Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shapewear: Feel Sexy under your Designer Clothing

Shapewear is the modern, more improved and definitely more comfortable version of the corset and the girdle. It is a must-have, especially for those suffering from less attractive bodily features, and can make any woman feel sexy. It can be worn underneath your favorite designer clothes or as lingerie. Some women find wearing camisole sets underneath their clothes makes them warmer while others just feel that it makes them sexier.

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Camisole: It is similar in look to the chemise, but has a tighter fit which covers the whole torso. Nowadays, shapewear camisoles not only offer noticeable differences in appearance, with reductions to waistlines as well as a lift to the breasts, but also have the added benefit in that it aids in the permanent reduction of those unwanted inches.

Padded Panty: It is designed to give you that posterior lift where you need it most. Modern shapewear padded panties feature padding that ensures that the wearer is comfortable and in control and has the added benefit of being discreet.

A Cincher Vest: It is similar to the Camisole for women in the sense that it covers the whole torso. It has, like other shapewear products, the benefit of being lined with latex which promotes a micro-massage on the wearer's body as he moves around. Coupled with compression and perspiration, the shapewear Cincher Vest will promote a reduction in those unwanted measurements.

Shapewear products available for males comes in the form of the High Compression Rubber Cincher. It is focused on the abdominal area with an increase in compression which naturally aids in shaping the wearers abdomen and keeping it that way. Some of these shapewears are created by fashion icons like Polo Ralph Lauren.

The above are of course only a few of the wide variety of products available to both men and women.


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