Thursday, May 14, 2009

Menswear Trend for Women's Designer Clothes

Today's trend in designer clothing is all about how great mens clothes look on women. The look seems to be taking over the world from runways to college hallways. Some girls look really cute in this girlified menswear trend which are cooler and fit better. This trend are now designed by different designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

polo ralph lauren

Menswear fashions have made their way into female fashions. Take for example the womens vest. It’s obviously been converted from menswear. Womens vests are often tapered at the waist and contoured to fit our curves and can be very flattering when worn with a blouse and skirt or perhaps even some Denim stovepipes or dress pants. That would be a great outfit either for the office or for a casual night out depending upon which items you chose to wear with the vest. A womens western style belt and perhaps a studded purse would look great if you were wearing the vest with a pair of straight legged jeans. The belt has a feminine pattern, but it still has a bit of it’s masculine roots.

When you think about it, a lot of womens fashions today originated as menswear. In a way we’ve all been wearing mens clothing and probably didn’t even realize it. Vests, jeans, shirts, womens suits, belts. What other types of clothing can you think of that were originally only for men?

Instead of looking like a hot mess, we may look uber stylish with this trend. So, what do you think? Is the menswear look hot or not?


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