Friday, May 1, 2009

Comeback of Polo Shirt In Women's Designer Clothing

The polo shirt is not a new creation in designer clothes fashion, but it has been making a comeback among women's fashion. Polo shirts gas two important factors: function and style. This simple but trendy designer clothing have the ability to showcase the casual with a status style. They are versatile as well as functional. Moreover, they have a designer's touch, because designers like Lauren Ralph Polo create different styles that granting each garment a special status.

lauren ralph lauren poloMany women wear the polo shirt in an athletic environment. It appears on golf courses and on tennis courts. Polo players sport them in their matches. They add a touch of class to a skirt, jodhpurs, shorts or pants. Yet, today, the polo shirt appears on the backs of people performing their everyday tasks. Its adaptability, however, allows it to become part of their social and semi-professional daily obligations. Suburban moms can wear it to do practical things then move onto social affairs. Designers such as Lauren Ralph are able to tailor their polo shirts to active women for use on the coarse or at home.

The polo shirt possesses versatility. It is good for both casual and social functions. Anyone can wear it because of its adaptability to today's fast-paced lifestyle.


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