Wednesday, May 23, 2012

With SkinWhite, I Can Be the Fairest of Them All

Most women will do everything just to make their skin look good and to achieve a fair and white skin. As a girl I am thankful for SkinWhite because it gave me that beautiful blush white skin that my prince charming can’t resist through the SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all the time:
  • WHITENS the skin’s surface
  • REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
  • NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
  • PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Uniqlo Endorsers Unveiled

Fast Retailing Philippines Inc. has chosen Filipino celebrities to endorse the Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo, which will be entering Philippine Fashion next month. On Wednesday night, Uniqlo revealed its "Philippine cast" composed of actresses Iza Calzado and Nikki Gil, basketball player and TV host Chris Tiu, and Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda at a party at the InterContinental Hotel in Makati City.
The celebrities will be seen in advertisements ahead of the June 15 opening of the Uniqlo store at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. "I never thought they would get endorsers for Manila, that's why it was such a shock for me," Calzado said.  "I realized it was the real thing when the contract came. Of course, I'm very honored and privileged to endorse such a trusted brand, and to be among the first to represent it here in the Philippines, it's a really great honor," Gil added.

Tiu, meanwhile, said on Twitter: "Still feeling high from last night's Uniqlo launch party. Another pictorial today." Uniqlo said it believes the four Filipino celebrities exemplify the brand's "made for all" philosophy. Fast Retailing Philippines Inc. is a joint venture between SM Retail Inc. and Japan's Fast Retailing Co., the world’s fourth largest apparel retail firm. Uniqlo has been coming up with several promotional activities to increase awareness of the brand, including setting up an activity wall at the SM Mall of Asia. 
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Schedule of the Upcoming Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

Here's the Schedule of the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012
MAY 22, 2012 / TUESDAY
6:30 PM | MOA Main Atrium | SM Food Group presents Ms Earth
7:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | The Ramp Crossings

MAY 23, 2012 / WEDNESDAY
5:30 PM | SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 | Sony presents Premiere A Collection (Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio, Xernan Orticio)
7:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | SM Ladies’ Fashion
9:30 PM | SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 | Arnold Galang, Junjun Cambe, M Barreto, Ronaldo Arnaldo

MAY 24, 2012 / THURSDAY
5:30 PM | SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 | Avon Fashions
7:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | Menswear (Anthony Nocom, Dodjie Batu, Drei Soriano, Edgar Buyan, Frederick Policarpio, Herbert Custodio, Jesson Capuchino, Jinggo Inoncillo, Ronan Opina, Simon Ariel Vasquez, Ulysses King, Zxander Tan)
9:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | Premiere B Collection (Albert Andrada, Butz Fuentes, Bandoix Flores, Ezra Santos, Kermit Tesoro)

MAY 25, 2012 / FRIDAY
6:30 PM | SMX Hall 1 | Jag
7:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | Oxygen
9:30 PM | SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 | Avel Bacudio, Chris Diaz, Eric delos Santos, Raoul Ramirez

MAY 26, 2012 / SATURDAY
2:30 PM | SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 | Luxewear (Anthony Ramirez, Aztec Barba, Dax Bayani, Joyce Pilarsky, Lyle Ibanez, Mark Tamayo, Melvin Lachica, Nolie Vineza, Pablo Cabahug, Popoy Barba, Richard Papa, Roel Rosal, Tina Danica, Vania Romoff)
5:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | Chris Jasler, Melchor Guinto, Philipp Tampus, Veejay Floresca
6:30 PM | SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 | Grand Allure (Aris Pico, Boyet Dysangco, Cherry Samuya Veric, Edgar San Diego, Fanny Serrano, Gil Macaibay, June Pugat, Luis Delos Santos, popo Go, Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos)
7:30 PM | SMX Hall 3 | Penshoppe
9:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | Lizanne Cua, Sassa Jimeenz, Yvonne Quisimbing, ESAC (Raoul Ramirez, Lyle Ibanez and AudieE)

MAY 27, 2012 / SUNDAY
4:00 PM | SMX Hall 2 | Design Fusion (Bo Parcon, Enrico Carado, Jaki Penalosa)
Visions and Trends (Happy Andrada, Jan Garcia, Oz Go, Regine Dulay, Russell Villafuerte)
Ready To Wear (Dave Ocampo, Emi Alexander Englis, Harley Ruedas, Jian Lasala, John Guames, Mike Lavarez, Nixon Marquez)
6:30 PM | SMX MOA Main Atrium | Unica Hija
7:00 PM | SMX Function Rooms 4 & 5 | Rajo Laurel & Michael Cinco for Bench
9:30 PM | SMX Hall 2 | L’oreal Paris presents Jerome Salaya Ang
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Robin Tomas Will Launch his Collection for Penshoppe

Robin Tomas is upbeat in a recent e-mail from New York. “There are a lot of things lined up in Manila,” he writes. This May, nearly three years since he debuted his eponymous clothing line in Philippine Fashion Week, is the launch of his capsule collection for Penshoppe, the casual clothing brand’s first-ever designer collaboration. Tomas will also dabble in costume design for the first time, for Atlantis Productions’ local staging of “Nine,” the Tony award-winning musical, in September. He arrives in Manila just as his Spring 2012 collection hits the racks at Myth boutique in Greenbelt 5. Tomas, who has lived in New York City since 2001 when he was a student at Parsons School of Design, still carries a Philippine passport, and comes home at least twice a year.
Penshoppe, which is aggressively upgrading its image with recent campaigns featuring Hollywood actors Ed Westwick and Zac Efron, approached Tomas following his win last year in a T-shirt design tilt that had his winning piece reproduced and sold at Bloomingdale’s. Penshoppe’s brand director, Alex Mendoza, knew Tomas from way back, when the designer still worked in advertising. “We’re in a level-up mode, and we felt Robin would be the right fit for what we need. This is part of our campaign for global recognition,” says Rocel Roque, marketing specialist of Golden ABC, Penshoppe’s mother company. “He’s very New York, his style is high-end, but he’s Filipino.” The Tomas for Penshoppe collection, 12 styles each for men and women, will hit some 30 stores across the country on the second week of May.

Designing for his compatriots has a “different fulfillment,” Tomas says over iced coffee on a sweltering afternoon a day after his homecoming. It echoes his statement in 2009 about wanting to launch his brand here for sentimental reasons. “I want to bring my clothes here, so it’s not just available there.” While his line, simply called Tomas in the Big Apple, is carried by three Manhattan boutiques, he says it excites him to see his clothes on Filipino women. “We consider ourselves blessed and lucky that Robin chose to work with us,” says Ruby Gan, one of the owners of Myth, which is carrying Tomas’ line for the second season. “He has a steady clientele that regularly looks for his creations, and he never fails them because you can count on him to deliver… And the best part also is that whatever he showcases in New York is immediately available here.” Tomas’ rise has been slow but steady. But whatever uncertainty he had from three years ago is now replaced with confidence and dogged determination.

“You learn to be resourceful,” he says when asked how an unknown designer can stay afloat in a setting like New York. The economy is sluggish “but New York is New York,” he adds. “There will always be people [who buy]… I also want to reach other markets. I want to highlight my Filipino upbringing plus my New York exposure; that’s my formula. I want to use the good points of being [trained] in New York and serve other markets.” He chose retail because “that’s the name of the game in New York, not couture.” But he wants to visit Manila more often so he could take on couture clients and, perhaps, dress up a few celebrities and socialites. “I’d really like that! Red carpet is more LA, New York not so much.”

This designer’s goal is to set up his own boutique here, and also make his clothes available in key Asian cities. He owns his business, but admits he’s open to working with an investor. Tomas, 35, chuckles when I point out that he’s finally out of his mom’s shadow. “Mom,” of course, is popular actress-comedienne Tessie Tomas. “She says people now refer to her as ‘Robin Tomas’ mom,’ in the same way my lola became known as ‘Tessie Tomas’ mom.” His grandmother, Laura Hermosa, was a popular radio talent. “I’m a happy son to see a proud mom,” he says. His early exposure to clothes and costumes is owed to his mother, but Tomas feels that carving a name in fashion is all his own. Having a famous parent, however, has its advantages: “It’s not just the fashion press here that covers me, even the show-biz press is interested.” 
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