Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boyfriend Dressing Trend for Designer Clothing Fashion

Boyfriend dressing is one of the key trends in designer clothes this year. It started a few seasons ago with boyfriend jeans and then the boyfriend cardigan. But, it has developed into a more sophisticated style, with the boyfriend blazer, which when worn correctly, actually emphasizes the female frame rather than hides it. Most designer in fashion world like Polo Ralph Lauren usually create styles for this trend.

polo ralph lauren

Boyfriend dressing is for women who have style. The masculine look is softened with feminine touches such as layers of chains or art deco jewelry. The secret of this season's boyfriend dressing is to keep the look tough but tender, it’s about dressing like a man but still retaining the femininity of a woman.

Consider these tecniques on how to pull off this trend:

Go for a masculine outfit with the touch of femininity: Choose masculine loose clothes, but still with a touch of femininity in one of this season’s blush tones, or wear a chic oversized loose fitting shirt.

Contrast masculine with feminine: Wear a soft, delicate blouse under a blazer or a tailored suit, or choose a top in a romantic print.

Emphasize your curves and cleavage: Show your feminine side with the use of skin-tight t-shirts under baggy jackets, or wear a denim mini or one of this season’s sculpted skirts.

Layer on jewelry and other accessories: Go for the gilt chains and cuffs, and accessorize with a luxe leather portfolio or satchel. Pile them high to catch this trends look.

Show off high-heeled statement shoes: Roll-up trouser legs on peg-leg pants and jeans and If skyscraper heels are a no-no, then don on a pair of pumps or oxford brogues.

Keep your look natural: Forget fake tans and lashings of make-up.

Boyfriend dressing does not need to break the bank, with a little imagination you can work a style which can still allow you to feel ladylike yet gives you lots of attitude.


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