Friday, May 8, 2009

Add Boldness to your Designer Clothes with Nude Color Trend:

Make a statement in today's designer clothing fashion, by working with a palette of nude pieces. Style your look by revving up textures, trimmings and fun accessories. Now you may agree that not every color looks the same on every woman. With nude colors it is even more so. This colors look best on tan and darker skin. Pale skin doesn’t really add the necessary interest to the look. This trend are now used by famous designer like Polo Ralph Lauren for their creation.

polo ralph lauren

Here are some tips on how to wear the trend:

Try not to mix nude with other colors: Denim might be fine, but the whole point of the nude look is to be simple, bare - well, nude in a different sense. So pick a nude top and pants/skirt or even better, to avoid the matching problem, a dress or jumpsuit.

Accessorize little and simple: Gold jewelry is definitely more appropriate. Pick light pieces, especially for necklace and earrings. Bangles are great too.

Match it with the right footwear and accessories: Strappy, possibly golden, high heel sandals are the perfect pair of shoes for this trend. Always keep in mind, this trend definitely calls for less is more. Your handbag or clutch should be simple too, no glitter, just golden shimmer or satin will work perfect.

Try this trend and add boldness to your everyday style. The possibilities are endless.


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