Friday, May 15, 2009

Type of Skirts: Best Choice for a Feminine Touch in your Designer Clothes

Skirts are definitely the best choice for a feminine touch in your designer clothing. They are perfect for work or leisure. You can also look alluring, sophisticated and professional. There is such a wide array of skirts you can choose from, many of this clothing are designed by popular designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. There are such a variety of patterns and colors to suit your personality and style or to follow trends and fashion.

polo ralph lauren
You can start by selecting which style of skirt will flatter your figure and enhance your feminine assets. Here are some different types of skirts:

Circle skirts: Full skirts and they tend to be rather on the short side, usually made of light fabric in order to create the circle effect.

A-line skirts: Are narrow round the waist and knee-length, slightly flared at the base. Pencil skirts are narrow and straight; these are ideal to show of slim figures.

Trouser skirts: It can be fitted or flared and remind you of trousers with pockets and belt loops.

High waist pleated skirts: Have inverted pleats and give you an A-line silhouette with an extra fashionable look, the high waist trimmed in a different fabric confers an elegant look when worn with a stylish blouse.

Tiered skirts: Made from horizontal bands of fabric sewn together to create a flared tier and they usually reach the mid-calf, the fabric they are made from will render them either formal or casual to wear.

Mini skirts: are the most flattering if you have lovely legs, and amongst the most feminine amongst skirts.

Maxi skirts: which are in turn ankle-length skirts, which can come in light summer fabrics that will keep you cool in summer, or in heavier fabric with a straight cut for a more sophisticated or trendy look. Skirts that come with a bias-cut are made from fabric, which is cut diagonally giving it a flowing, gypsy look about it.

Asymmetrical skirts: are perfect for evenings out; the hem is longer on one side giving it a particular trendy style.

Consider these tips on how to chose the right skirt base on your size and shape:

Curvy body: you should go for those skirts with a slight flare that reach just below the knee. Choose skirts, which are smooth in the front and fasten in the back. If your hips are wider choose skirts that narrow down towards the bottom and avoid emphasized waistbands, preferring dropped-waist skirts, which will narrow the hip area. Stay away from pleated skirts that start from the waist, which tend to accentuate curves, as they will not stay in place.

Tall women with long legs: You will look great in mid-length skirts. Asymmetrical skirts will enhance long legs. Mini skirts can be worn taking care to match them with flat-heeled shoes.

Petite women: should go for straight skirts such as pencil skirts or slightly flared skirts, like an A-line skirt. The skirt you should choose should be just above the knee or just below it if you are heavier on the torso. A good solution is to wear vertical stripes, which will make you appear taller, while a slit slightly to one side will make your legs look longer. A full-length skirt will also make you appear taller than you really are, just stay clear from skirts with too many details or complicated patterns.

Women with boyish figures: The best skirts to choose are pencil skirts, which add curves to your straight figures, as will tiered skirts, pleated skirts and circle skirts; these will also make you look more feminine.


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