Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cage Skirt: Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Forward for your Designer Clothes

Cage skirts have recently made their way on to the fashion design scene. Caged heel, a footwear for designer clothing are debated thoroughly if it is a fashion faux pas or a fashion forward. Some fashionistas like the style and even designer has carefully adopted the caged up style and transformed it into a super sexy pencil skirt. The corset waist enhances every woman’s curves, and evokes the feminine figure.

polo ralph lauren

Wearing caged skirt has a nice idea, it can be worn over skirts, dresses or even trousers. It can totally transform the look of an outfit. It is perfect for any designer clothes made by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. You can also choose from various colors and patterns and then add stud detailing. It can be any length you want. You can have studs, pearls or nothing at all. The zippers can be metal or plastic.

Cage Skirt allow you to experiment and style in your own unique way. Unleash the cage fighter inside you.


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