Monday, May 4, 2009

Pair your Designer Clothes with Cowboy Boots

Just like designer clothing, fashion footwear for men has reached an all time high The variety of footwear available are all stylish, and one of them is the men's cowboy boots. It has a massive leaps in fashion, and most designers create designs for this footwear just like Polo Ralph Lauren.

polo ralph lauren

Here are several basic types of cowboy boots, which differ in terms of design.

Classic Wellington boot: It is the original cowboy boot.

Hessian boots: It has a V-shaped cut in the front part often lace or tassels are hung from this part for the old Western look.

High heeled Horsemen boots and Cavalier boots: More expensive and the same high heel quality.

Men's cowboy boots are available in many varieties and different types of heels, material, colors and so on. Then there are 'cowboys' for different uses: sports boots, called risk taker's boots, Eskimo boots for cold weather. Both of these boots have thick soles and protective pads to protect your feet from sudden injuries/bitter cold climates. Then we have the Executive boots, Funky Leather boots, and Worker's Hiking Boots.

Cowboy boots It keeps you very stylish yet it does not wear out easily, and most importantly for men perhaps, you do not need to clean them that often.


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