Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Revolutionize your Designer Clothes with Bohemian Style

In today's fashion in designer clothing, you can find this hippie style shirt in many fashion runways. Originally Bohemian was a lifestyle, But now it has been revolutionized into a complete fashion style. Bohemian chic is all about combining vintage pieces, which hold memories and giving them new life so they can carry on building memories. By simply flinging a throw or scarf over an old leather couch you will give it a new look and rejuvenate it. By keeping the style clean and adding hip-undertone pieces, you will give the room a lift.

polo ralph lauren

Owing to bohemian chic style being a combination of old and new, it is also a combination of different styles. Using different lush textures and intricate patterns essentially creates the true bohemian feeling. With rich rhapsody colors and brocade, different feels and looks combine to create the scene. Most designer like Polo Ralph Lauren are using this trend for his creations.

Because of the different styles, colors do tend to be rather neutral for the most part. Generally earthy colors with spicy colors scattered in between. Overall the ambiance must be light and airy, although candles and vintage lanterns create a different feel at dusk. The most natural thing is to combine them with distressed denim, pants and skirts or all lengths. That really seems to be the best match for these pieces because of their “organic” fabric feel. You might want to experiment with colored denim, but I wouldn’t go too crazy here. Black and white denim are good alternatives to the typical blue shades. Even though I tend to shy away from the obvious and literal way of styling a new trend, this one will have me wearing denim, leather shoes and hippie style accessories like feather earrings, turquoise gems, and patchwork handbags.

Your style may not be bohemian but the new peasant tops and folklore blouses are hard to resist this season.


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