Friday, May 8, 2009

Earth Shoe: A Comfy Footwear for your Designer Clothing

Earth shoes were an unconventional style of shoe invented were the soles were thick and the heels were thin, so wearing them one walked heel-downward. In an era when women’s shoes featured high heels, narrow toes and dangerously skinny arches, the odd looking shoes attracted the attention of the fashion world and the popular media. With their wide toe boxes,"negative" heels and rocker bottoms, they were often referred to as the ugliest shoes ever created.

polo ralph lauren

Like most fads and designer clothing and footwear trend, earth shoes had their supporters. Earth shoes were seen as a healthy and body-friendly alternative to traditional 'fashion’ footwear. The main feature of the Earth shoe is the 'negative heel’, created by a thick fore sole and thin heel. The bed of the shoe is designed to place the heel lower than the ball and toes of the foot, which encourages better posture and a more natural gait.

Earth shoes are perfect for the type of person that needs comfy shoes. Most designer in fashion world like Polo Ralph Lauren create styles of clothes that can fit these comfy footwear. The look is fresh and they have style that can satisfy your taste.

Wide toe boxes: The wide toe box serves an important purpose. It allows the toes to spread naturally and grip the 'ground’ as they’re meant to do. Liberating cramped toes alone was enough to make the Earth shoe a popular style.

Negative heel: This encourages better posture, according to the makers of Earth shoes, and also encourages the calf and other muscles of the legs to work harder.

Rocker bottoms: It helps the heel to absorb the impact of the step, then the foot rocks forward as the body’s weight moves to center over it. Finally, the heel comes up off the ground and the toes grip to push off into the next step.

Happily, today's Earth shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, meaning fans of these comfortable shoes can now have both form and function.


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