Friday, May 29, 2009

Rock Fashion Trend: Playful Element for Designer Clothes

Rock Fashion all started at 50's as rock music started to emerge through the popular medium of Rock 'n' Roll and as such, new fashion trends started to come out. Right now in designer clothing fashion, rock fashion is coming back to the style this season.

polo ralph laurenRock chic has steadily evolved from its glam roots over the past few decades. Most designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren develop styles for this trend. From fierce, elegant look to sharp embroidery and ethnic rock look, other designers used various moods of chic rock wear to showcase their collections.

Some of this trend are created through knitwear with heavy embellishments, complimenting the female form into a range of shapes and silhouettes. Some other designs in knitwear are in angular ways that beautifully draped around the body to flatter curves. Such playful punk elements put these designers in the category of trend creators. So we will see plenty more innovative rocker aesthetics in the seasons to come.

For that rocker chic fashion trend you can take it to an extreme or you can just add a glimpse of it. Find the style that works best for you and your personality.


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