Thursday, July 31, 2014

Penshoppe Steps into Online Retail with Lazada Philippines

The Philippine Fashion brand Penshoppe continues to push the envelope further as it embarks on online retail with the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall –
From its cool and affordable items that appeal to the Asian fashion palate, to top-billing international celebrity endorsers, Penshoppe has continuously wowed and made waves in the Philippine fashion retail arena. Now, the brand is set on conquering new and exciting territory – Online Retail; and in tandem with Penshoppe on its journey is the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall – Lazada.

“Our partnership with Lazada stems from the company-wide commitment to serve our customers. While we continue to build and expand our brick-and-mortar stores here and abroad, Lazada will help us reach out to more consumers so they can enjoy the hassle-free Penshoppe shopping experience wherever and whenever they want,” says Golden ABC President and CEO Bernie Liu.

Excitement is really brewing in the air as Lazada Philippines’ Co-Founder and CEO Inanc Balci welcomes the lifestyle megabrand into Lazada. “We are very thrilled and happy to have Penshoppe with us and we both value the trust and confidence that they have placed in each other and we take this very seriously,” mentions Balci. “Lazada has expanded its categories from mobile and laptops to include lifestyle in our fold and we are dedicatedly strengthening our lifestyle categories, and working with the lifestyle megabrand such as Penshoppe is truly motivating,” Balci adds.

Penshoppe can now be purchased from Lazada Philippines by simply logging into For more updates on sales promo and new products, subscribe to and visit

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eddie Bauer: Functional Clothes With an Emphasis on Fashionable Outdoor Wear

Wearing puffy and quilted down jackets in most places in the Philippines seems preposterous at first. It’s a tropical country, after all. But upon closer inspection, this particular type of apparel may prove to be worthwhile for those who often visit cooler destinations. 
“Travel trends, as always, are related to clothing preferences. In recent years, many Filipinos get to travel and explore outdoor destinations both locally and internationally,” says Ruby Palma, assistant vice president for the Primer Group of Companies, a Southeast Asian brand retailer and distributor. “The boom of budget airlines certainly helped materialize this,” she adds. “We’re even seeing more Filipinos traveling alone than by groups.” These factors help explain the burgeoning market for outdoor wear in the Philippines, as seen in the increasing presence of sports and active lifestyle brands in most malls nationwide, even selling items suited for colder temperatures like thick parkas.

One of the brands that noticed the potential of catering to mobile Filipinos is Eddie Bauer, whose foray into the Philippines is facilitated by Palma and her colleagues. Just recently, Eddie Bauer launched its store at the SM Aura Premier. Located in the same mall is a pop-up gallery that features photos of the brand’s history, as well as an array of the brand’s down jackets.
“Eddie Bauer has been selling outdoor gear for 94 years already since our namesake founder turned his love for the outdoors into a viable business back in 1920 in Seattle, Washington,” says Bill Bredy, Eddie Bauer’s senior vice president of international and licensing, who was recently in Metro Manila for the said store launch. “What we want to do is to enable our customers’ sense of adventure by providing them with the right equipment to wear and use, whether they’re trekking up mountains or going fishing. It’s a global aspiration for us, and part of our expansion into the Philippines is that it’s been our goal to make our brand known further in the Southeast Asian region.”

Globally, Bredy notes that consumers worldwide are on the lookout for functional and durable clothes that they can use, whether they’re actively pursuing a sport or “just having dinner in a casual place somewhere.” It isn’t just about feeling good about what you wear, but looking good, too. Apart from easy to pack quick-drying track pants and tops, Eddie Bauer also has casual wear like polo shirts and button-downs.
While Eddie Bauer isn't exactly a fashion brand, Bredy explains that he and his team are keen on lifestyle trends and product development, in order to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive trade. More than design aesthetics, Bredy says that fabric technologies, rendered through items like thermal-efficient jackets, also prove to be advantageous for making fashionable outdoor wear. “People want comfortable and versatile clothing in general,” says Bredy. “We’re also in the process of developing a series of motion-inspired clothes, which we plan to launch in spring 2015. They will be items that you can wear for activities like yoga or running. You can even wear them when you go to the gym. We also plan to open more stores in the Philippines.”

Local reception for Eddie Bauer has been good since its arrival into the Philippine Fashion November last year, with quick-drying jackets, tops, and bottoms deemed as bestsellers. “So far, a good chunk of the Filipino market is composed of travelers who have seen the brand in other countries, and people 35 years old and above. We plan to extend our reach to young professionals that have an active lifestyle,” Palma relates.

Eddie Bauer is located at SM Aura Premier and at SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall, available in R.O.X, Bonifacio High Street, Ayala Center Cebu, Camp John Hay in Baguio, and Centrio Mall in Cagayan De Oro,

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Enjoy The Search And Get Rewards with Rustan’s Fashion Hunt Promo

Style aficionados are always on the lookout for that next great find, and the thrill of the search is usually as fun as the actual item purchased. Those who consider themselves fashion hunters may enjoy the Rustan’s Fashion Hunt promo, which brings together great offers and prizes from in demand Philippine Fashion labels, with a series of tasks that will make shopping even more exciting! 
Start the journey by availing a Rustan’s Fashion Hunt stamp card, which will be given to customers upon their first visit to any participating brand. Detailed mechanics are written at the back of the card, and for every accomplished task from the participating brand, customer will receive one (1) stamp.
Customers who can complete nine (9) out of twelve (12) tasks will be entitled to a prize! Covetable prizes await from brands like, Tadashi, Natori, Lesportsac, Juicy Couture, and Coccinelle.

A couple of tasks involve visiting and taking a selfie at the newly opened Adolfo Dominguez boutique at Rustan’s Makati, and snapping a photo while trying on an accessory from Presence Paris. Don’t forget to hashtag, #RustansFashionHunt and make a trend.

Stamp collection is ongoing until August 10 at Rustan’s Makati. For more information, like rustansph on Facebook

Friday, July 25, 2014

Personalized Share A Coke Shirts Showcased by Bench and Coca-Cola

There’s a saying, sharing is caring. This is something that rings true among Filipinos, whether we’re among family, friends, and even acquaintances. Coca-Cola’s Share A Coke campaign finally makes it to the Philippines after taking over 50 countries worldwide by storm. The campaign, where Coca-Cola prints the most popular Pinoy nicknames, terms of endearment, and group names on Coke bottles, was officially launched last Saturday, July 12 at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall. 
Marketing director of Coca-Cola Philippines Jasmin Vinculado said, “We brought Share A Coke to the Philippines with one goal—to share happiness. Sharing a Coke is a simple yet fun and exciting way for us Filipinos to be able to show our appreciation to people who make us happy. For mothers who cook our breakfast every day, for the fathers who drop off their children to school every morning, for the friends who listen to our never-ending problems, for the manang who serves our food in the cafeteria, for the manong who opens the door for us and wishes us a great day with his bright smile, for everyone who has shown us kindness—we would like to share a Coke with them simply because we know that happiness is made more real when shared.”
Among the event’s highlights was a celebration of the long-standing partnership between Coca-Cola and Philippine Fashion clothing brand Bench. Staying true to the essence of the campaign, Vinculado, on behalf of Coca-Cola, shared a Coke with Ben Chan, Chairman and CEO of Bench.
This was followed by a fashion show, where models clad in stylized Share A Coke shirts showcased their personalized Coca-Cola bottles and cans on the catwalk, at the same time entertaining and interacting with co-models and guests alike by showing them the many ways of sharing a Coke.
Coca-Cola Happiness ambassadors Joseph Marco, Julia Montes, and Enchong Dee gave the audience a blast by sharing personalized Coke cans bearing terms of endearment “Crush,” “Hottie,” and “Love” to some unsuspecting guests.
 The event hoped to inspire its attendees to take a second to show some gratitude for the small, everyday gestures that otherwise go unnoticed. The personalized Coke packs are available in sari-sari stores, convenience stores, groceries, supermarkets, and vending machines nationwide. You may also drop by Share A Coke booths in select supermarkets, malls, and schools to have your own personalized Coca-Cola printed in an instant.

For more information, go to or visit the official accounts of Coca-Cola Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Denovo Diamonds Collaborates with Renowned Philippine Fashion Artists

Denovo diamonds collaborates with renowned Philippine Fashion artists and tastemakers Jinggoy Buensuceso, Olivia d’Aboville, Leeroy New, Maureen Disini, Neil Felipp, and Cheryl Tiu to promote original, genuine Pinoy jewelry collections.
Marilyn Monroe got it wrong when she said diamonds were a girl’s best friend. It’s the boys’, too. Enter Denovo diamonds, a Pinoy brand that believes in Filipino originality and caters to men and women bounded by the love of arts and sparkles.
“We want to promote the arts and showcase the best of the Philippine talents. Our art is rich but it’s underrated and unrecognized. We want to champion our culture by coming up with wearable works of art. We wanted something different, something original, something that’s not generic, so we collaborated with artists to come up with their own collection,” says Caryll Martinez, the brains behind Denovo, a Latin word meaning “afresh.” Just recently, Denovo officially launched its collections starring stellar personalities to complement its iconic appeal.
The collections range from austere to quirky and elaborate.  Globetrotter Cheryl Tiu’s Global collection, for instance, features her fave landmarks. Her collection highlights the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem, the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, and the Metropolitan Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro. But the star of the collection? Her Philippine flag necklace that features the three stars embedded in a pendant shaped like the rays of the sun. “I was inspired by super typhoon Haiyan, with what happened to our country,” Cheryl says. I tried to make this one more local by putting the elements of the Philippine flag. I want it to symbolize hope.”
A stark contrast to Cheryl’s colorful design is renowned furniture designer and sculptor Genesis “Jinggoy” Buensuceso. His Equilibrium collection, as the name implies, suggests balance and harmony. His silver rings, brooches, and bracelets with black diamonds are designed for people in the fast lane. “I had the leaders and the mavens and achievers, the people who are busy with intense level of work, as my inspiration. I want them to seek balance between work and play,” Jinggoy says. His collection appears manly but he says women nowadays are into androgynous fashion. “My sensibility has always been black and clean and with edge. For me, black is the new canvas, it’s infinite.”
If Jinggoy finds comfort in black, Filipino-French artist Olivia d’Aboville seeks sanctuary in the blue sea. Her Crystal Dew collection is poetic. For her, diamonds can only represent nature’s most precious element, and that is water. Taking cues from morning dews on twigs, Olivia’s seven-piece collection combines organic hints of simple beauty evident in her stem-like cuffs, two-finger rings, and stem necklaces. “My work in general is nature, whatever I do—sculpture, lighting, jewelry—is always related to nature. I am connected to the ocean. When you wear a piece of the collection, you’re a bit closer to nature, like you’re wearing a piece of it,” says Olivia, who, ironically, hardly wears jewelry. “I wish I could if I had more jewelry, I’d wear one. [I’m into] simple and indigenous jewelry that’s more casual,” she says.
Cebuano young artist Neil Felipp’s Simian collection features quirky and playful miniature monkeys. “I believe in whimsical elegance. My inspiration is Abu from Alladin, before he met him. He’s mischievous and attracted to ‘shining, shimmering, splendid’ things. To be consistent, I infused Pinoy games like Follow the Leader, hide and seek, and eye spy.” In his collection are statement pieces of happy monkeys hanging on a tree or tagging one another.

Another young artist in the roster is visual artist, sculptor, and designer Leeroy New. His fascination with religious iconography, especially of the Sacred Heart and seraphs (hence his Seraph collection) leads him to alternate the divine’s visage in random configurations.

“I’ve always been working on religious iconography as a source of form for all my works but not in an emotional way. I’m into re-configuring and reconstructing them,” says Leeroy. A sacred heart and seraph tattoos peeked through his shirt.

From religious icons, here’s one for the altar: Fashion designer Maureen Disini’s La Collezione Promessa. Her bridal and engagement line showcases and celebrates her Italian getaway. Maureen, who recently tied the knot, says it’s fitting that she designed wedding bands and engagement rings.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paul’s Boutique has now reached Philippine Fashion

Britain’s trendsetting brand has now reached Philippine Fashion, catering to today’s more discerning style set. Inspired by the vibrant music and fashion scene of the 90s, Paul Slade started out with a modest line of bespoke T-shirts for family and friends. One of Slade’s top inspirations when he was starting out was American Pop artist, Jeff Koons.
After a couple of successful clothing lines, Slade continued to develop his knack for setting trends through fashion by immersing himself in his favorite sources of inspiration—vintage clothing, graffiti, 80s Hip Hop, and Japanese street brands. Eventually, the young designer started to develop a new project, which he called Paul’s Boutique, a name inspired by an iconic Beastie Boys album. In its early years, Paul’s Boutique created hand-customized army surplus, vintage denims, and sweatshirts.

Not long after, the brand’s bespoke products caught the eye of local style setters, eventually gaining a cult following. The bold, unapologetic designs of Paul’s Boutique were exactly what young Londoners were looking for. Paul’s Boutique then became a regular fixture in Portobello Road in 2000, before being snapped up by big retailers like Topshop and Oxford Circus.

As the brand continued to grow, international celebrities like Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake started taking notice of its cheeky designs. In 2009, demand for the brand ballooned, prompting Paul’s Boutique to outsource its manufacturing in order to keep up.

As the creative director of the company, Paul continues to churn out designs that have the London girl in mind, mixing in a diversity of styles, music, cultural influences, and attitudes that has made London such an eclectic, exciting source of fashion inspiration for many. As such, customers of the brand can expect fun, wearable pieces with an edge.

The Paul’s Boutique girl is described as cool, quirky, confident, and with a great sense of fun. Fashion conscious but with her own unique style, the Paul’s Boutique girl is a true individualist, who enjoys expressing herself through well-made, highly-creative clothing and accessories, never one to blend in the crowd.

Currently, Paul’s Boutique continues to attract young style setters from Rita Ora to Pippa Middleton.

Now on its 13th year, Paul’s Boutique is firmly established in the international fashion arena. The brand is present across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa. Global expansion continues season on season.

Paul’s Boutique bags are now available at Ladybag, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center Cebu; select Bratpack and The Travel Club stores

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Burton Menswear London Touchdown Their First Store in Philippine Fashion

With over 400 stores across 22 countries and four continents, Burton Menswear London recently opened its first store in Philippine Fashion. Originally founded in 1903 in the United Kingdom under the name The Cross-Tailoring Company, Burton Menswear London has become a fashion favorite for men who prefer easy yet masculine apparel. Acquired in 2002 as part of the Arcadia Group by Sir Philip Green, the brand still aims to be an inspiring and best value fashion brand for consumers. 
Burton is widely known for its ‘Great British Style’ that combines a long heritage of tailoring with a modern take on casual wear. Today, it is a men’s closet staple in Britain, offering everything from casual clothing like shirts, jackets, and hoodies, to more classic pieces like suits.

Burton’s latest collection features various trends that mixes vibrant summer colors, cool street wear, vintage refinement, and perfectly cut tailoring. For spring/summer 2014, Burton took on the challenge of urban living through the Tropical Ranger trend, which combines bold floral prints and khaki, pebble, and stone, to create the vibe of a summer garden. Taking inspiration from the 60s, the Carnaby Street trend is perfect for that slightly more dressed-up night out. Slim fitting blazers are styled with chino, raw skinny denim, or even softly tailored shorts. For those who prefer timeless and elegant pieces, the Vintage Traditions range offers modern classics such as the single-breasted mac, and linen tailoring in pale blue and pink. Traditional navy, stone, and mushroom, also appear alongside pastel hues to complete the trend.

Burton’s latest collection isn’t complete without the 50s Idol. For the confident style king, the trend offers slick tailoring for a lean silhouette that takes inspiration from the 50s matinee idols. Pair a white slim fit shirt with either black skinny tie or bow tie and be the best dressed at any party or event.

“It’s not just about bringing global fashion brands to the Philippines. It’s also about providing what consumers are looking for, which in this case is easy to wear, yet still fashion forward clothing,” says Sharon Ugot, brand manager of Burton Philippines.

The first Burton Menswear London store in the country is located at the 3L Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. For more updates, like BurtonMenswearPhilippines on Facebook

Monday, July 21, 2014

Philippine Fashion Brand Penshoppe Opens Shop in Cambodia

Philippine Fashion retailer Golden ABC Inc. which started in 1986 is expanding its business by opening more new stores locally and overseas this year. 
The CEO of Penshoppe's mother company Golden ABC , Inc. that also owns various brands like Oxygen, Memo, ForMe, Regatta and Tyler, with stores not only in the Philippines but also in the Middle East, China and South East Asia, Mr. Bernie Liu said, "I am very excited about our international expansion.We are looking at about 25 stores abroad."

New stores to be set up overseas are for the Penshoppe brand. Penshoppe is the flagship brand of Golden ABC, Inc., a leading fashion house from the Philippines. The brand is also known for its sophisticated take on casual wear and is one of the top of the line fashion brands.

The firm is targeting to open five to 10 more stores in the Middle East and about 10 stores in Indonesia.

With the opening of AEON mall, Philippine brand clothing,Penshoppe launched its way to the  Phnom Penh market.

"Store investment is going to be done by our partners and the locations for the new outlets will depend on where new malls will be," Mr. Liu said.

The firm currently has presence in markets such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.

"Metro Manila is getting a bit crowded. We have to be a bit selective where we're opening," Mr. Liu added.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Philippine Fashion Retail Sales Dropping 50%

Retail sales of Philippine Fashion brands have dropped by 50 percent in the first quarter this year as big foreign brands with their unlimited resources dominate the domestic fashion sector.
Retail industry leader Samie Lim told reporters that local fashion retailers have failed to match the resources of the huge foreign brands which now occupy premium locations and big spaces in the country’s premier shopping centers.

“They get bigger space and better location while our local brands like Penshoppe and Bench are relegated to the second floor,” Lim lamented.

Already, local business groups – Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Philippine Franchise Association and Philippine Retailers Association — are discussing on strategies to help local retailers.

“We should be able to help them strategize to compete in this market,” he said.

One strategy, Lim said, is for Filipino retailers to establish mini stores or community stores to be able to reach out to a bigger mass market.

Community stores would be the answer to the big outlets of major foreign fashion retailers in the country.

Of late, the Philippines has become a destination by big fashion retailers such as Forever21 and Uniqlo. In August this year, Swedish fashion retail chain H&M is expected to open its first outlet in Megamall.

Earlier, Lim lamented that local retailers have always been at the mercy of their landlords or mall owners making it very difficult for a start-up retail company to open an outlet in a mall.

According to Lim, a mall tenant has to pay 6 to 8 months of rental deposits while others ask for 12 months. They have to post construction bond and payment for common spaces. A simple food cart requires P25,000 monthly rental.

Before a retailer can put up an outlet, he has to shell out almost P2 million in upfront cash.

“What is most disappointing is it is difficult to get the refund when you leave.

These people are getting money on top of money. We put money to build that mall,” said Lim, who called for the setting of minimum standards over rentals and advance deposits of mall owners on their tenants.

“Local retailers are also sent to the second or third floor where there is not enough foot traffic. In the supermarkets, they put us at the back,” he said.

“Because of this practice, the small retailers have difficulty competing. This makes inclusive growth difficult and this is the reason MSMEs (micro small and medium enterprises have not grown for the past 20 years,” Lim lamented.

The MSMEs account for 96.6 percent of the country’s total businesses and 61 percent of total employment while.

“We should protect these small entrepreneurs,” he said.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Top Philippine Fashion Brands to be Showcased in International Expo Slated in Jakarta

With the theme "One Brand: One Story", the Philippines Brands in Motion will promote homegrown fashion brands in the world market in its first participation in the 12th edition of Franchise and License Expo Indonesia (FLEI) slated at the Jakarta Convention Center Assembly Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 12-14.
The Philippines Brands in Motion 2014 is spearheaded by the Center for International Trade Exposition and Missions (CITEM), the export promotions arm of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in partnership with the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC), and the Export Marketing Board.

CITEM targets to come up with a distinct Philippines brand by 2016. "One Story" represents the concept behind the participating companies’ brands to ensure that all participating companies and partner organizations will have a unified vision: to strategically position the country's fashion retail brands in the global market.

"Homegrown brands have made an impact on the local market; but few have ventured into the international market. With Indonesia having the 10th biggest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity, FLEI 2014 would serve as a potent venue for the local brands to have countless breakout opportunities in the international market. It will be a good chance for them to aim for regional expansion in the light of One ASEAN in 2015," said Rosvi C. Gaetos, Executive Director of CITEM.

CITEM's initiative in participating in the FLEI 2014 is expected to globalize Philippine Fashion retail brands, usher in international business opportunities by partnering with foreign brands, and create international awareness of the design and manufacturing capabilities of Philippine apparel companies.

FLEI 2014, in its 12th consecutive year, will gather together in one roof the emerging franchise industry sector and business brands equipped with more constructive programs. The three-day event will engage local upcoming franchise brands to take on the international stage, and infiltrate the highly lucrative market of Indonesia.

The annual FLEI caters to a wide range of exhibitors including advertising, photography, multi-level marketing, automotive and educational sectors, business consultancies, courier services, health and beauty wellness, sports, and travel centers, fashion, jewelry, and retail businesses. It is organized by PT Reed Panorama Exhibition, a joint venture of the world’s leading event organizer and Indonesia’s leading tourism, transportation and hospitality group of companies.

Since 2003, FLEI has been successful in expanding and creating opportunities in the franchise and business sectors by annually gathering thousands of visitors that include franchisors, business owners, potential partners, investors, and other qualified prospects.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Denim Rules: What Your Jeans Says About You

Think your denim utters nary a word about you? We beg to differ.
Take bell bottom jeans, for example. These pants, with their iconic bell-shaped hems, were introduced innocently enough—sailors in the U.S. Navy first wore them in the 19th century. By the late 1960s, however, these exaggerated flares had been adapted by fashion-forward teenagers, not only as adolescent garb, but also to show a generation’s counterculture sensibilities. Even today bell bottoms speak so symbolically that they've become a key emblem of the 1970s, as much as a tie-dye headband.

Sporting bell bottoms in modern times isn't out of date, but simply retro-chic, depending on your overall sense of style. Luckily, you've got plenty of other denim options—from skinny jeans to colored jeans—that speak volumes, too.

So what are the new Philippine Fashion rules for wearing denim? Just one: DENIM RULES!

Jeans, in all their body-contouring comfort, can be worn everywhere—from the office to after-work parties. Whether you want to live in denim at work or play, the key is adapting jean-altering trends to suit your own style.
What do your jeans say about you? From revealing classical leanings to trend-spotting clues, we’ll tell you how your jeans are spilling the beans. But first, we’ll look at the different types of jeans out there.

  • SKINNY JEANS: Strutting your stuff in skinny jeans means one thing: You enjoy showing off your body. Skinny jeans say, “I want to attract attention,” and they do. Caution: Skinny jeans are for slender and fit bodies only. Wear a long top either tucked in or worn on the outside to avoid a “whale’s tail” fashion disaster (a.k.a your underwear showing)
  • BOOT-CUT JEANS: Boot-cut jeans are just a step above “mom jeans”. In other words, they make for a flattering look, but they’re not exactly trendsetting. Boot-cuts say you’re not willing to push the envelope, but you’re also not willing to be completely left behind. How to make them cool? Wear them with a more modern shoe and funky accessories to liven up the look. 
  • JEGGINGS: As in, jean-leggings. These super-slim pants are often manifestations of personality traits like being ultra-trendy and having a youthful flair. But, keep in mind that they are best worn by slim guys and gals. Jeggings are very useful since they have a “tights” effect. They are great with voluminous, long and multi-layered tops.
  • BELL-BOTTOMS: The bell-bottom wearing woman is one who appreciates the “vintage” look. But they work mostly for people who have some height to their frames. Word to the wise: Bell-bottoms paired with a fitted top will draw attention to the waistline.
  • COLORED DENIM: Why live on just blue alone? A colored jean suggests whimsy and fun with a bit of “I’m not afraid to experiment” mixed in. Just avoid going monochrome—yellow over yellow, for instance, is a fashion disaster waiting to happen. How to wear it: Since the colored denim will take center stage, pair it on top with neutrals and clean lines.
Finding that elusive, yet perfect jean for your body type and personality can take a lot of time. Luckily, SM Supermalls will be holding a month-long jeans festival this July. Celebrating fashion that never goes out of style, SM will showcase a wide variety of events for denim lovers everywhere.

Check out THE DENIM BAR and get stylish ideas to rock your denims. The goal is to create the perfect outfit for you from their wide selection of jeans as well as tops, shoes and accessories.

See the latest styles and the hottest models at THE DENIM RUNWAY, a fashion show dedicated to all this denim.

Find denim on sale in every style at THE DENIM HUB, a bustling bazaar featuring all your favorite jean brands.

And finally, with THE DENIM LOOK BOOK, follow the country’s most popular fashion bloggers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how they style their denims.

Get the style inspirations and trend updates. Join the hippest fashion events. Be part of THE DENIM MOVEMENT this July at SM Supermalls.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ellesse’s Latest Collection of Comfortably Stylish Fashion is Perfect for the Tropics

What’s wonderful about Philippine Fashion is that we can always wear summertime clothing at almost any time of the year, given that it is a tropical country. Sure, the rainy season is here, but there will surely be days when the sun shines brightly. Hence, the recent arrival of Ellesse’s summer 2014 collection into the country isn't exactly late, considering its styles are fit for a relaxed yet sporty take on dressing for the tropics.
The color palette for the collection is an exercise in contrasts, featuring a mix of clothing in pastel hues and black and white colors. The idea here is to offer wardrobe options that can work casually with weekend ensembles. To illustrate, pastel colors such as mint green, light pink, powder blue, pale yellow, lime green, mocha, and golden rod are rendered into classic, striped polo shirts for men. These shirts can be paired with some knee-length shorts and sneakers. Meanwhile, ladies can match the brand’s plain-colored shirts with a neutral-colored skirt for a sporty yet still feminine look. The key styling cue here is about color-blocking.

Those on the lookout for somber colors can take their pick from the brand’s lineup of black and white pieces. Men’s polo shirts come with details like classic twin-tipping and prints like stripes and small dots (not ostentatious compared to, say, a pattern of polka dots). Ladies’ wear, on the other hand, has cotton pique shirts in plain black or white, while some shirts even have colorful striped trimmings on the collar and the sleeves.

Ellesse is located at Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall, Alabang Town Center, and available in select ResToeRun and Bratpack. Go to, or like Ellesse Philippines on Facebook

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wacoal Celebrates Milestone in Philippine Fashion

Women’s intimate apparel industry’s Philippine Wacoal Corporation celebrates 25 years of beautifying Filipinas inside and out by establishing its position and role in the promotion of women empowerment.
The company shared this milestone with the people that fueled its success through the years with a thanksgiving dinner last June 5 held at the Rigodon Ballroom, The Peninsula Manila. Inspired by the refined Japanese art of beauty, the event was dedicated to the company’s employees, socio-civic partners, and trusted business affiliates for being steadfast partners of the brand for the past 25 years. Wacoal has grown steadily over the years and is among the most recognized brands in the intimate apparel industry. It is also one of the widely distributed brands in the country with 52 department store counters, eight direct sales branches, and three online stores.

It has always been Wacoal’s mission to be an instrument in the campaign to empower women. And Philippine Wacoal Corporation has stayed true to this commitment since it was established in 1989 to provide high quality products and superior customer service to its patrons.

Philippine Wacoal Corporation has always been active not only in Philippine Fashion but also in promoting awareness about women’s needs in the country, but it was in 2005 when it made a mark by starting the Keep Abreast Program. The movement helped women fight breast cancer by reinforcing the public’s knowledge about the disease. Year-round seminars were held to promote the early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer.

Aside from this, the women’s intimate apparel brand continuously engages in socio-civic activities, in an effort to make a positive contribution to society. It championed environmental awareness through its Keep Earth campaign and forged partnerships with Habitat for Humanity to promote social development by helping build homes, and the Philippine Marketing Association to provide corporate-world learning experiences for students.

This year, Wacoal is set to launch its “Wacoal Loves Everybody” campaign, which aims to celebrate the beauty of women in all shapes and sizes and further enhance its dedication to help Filipinas realize the beauty they have inside and out by expanding the reach of its intimate apparel line, known to give women the confidence they need to make them comfortable in their      own skin.

For more about Wacoal Loves Everybody campaign, go to

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