Friday, May 29, 2009

Espadrilles: VIntage Look for your Designer Clothing

Espadrilles are casual flat or high-heel fashion sandals originating from the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material moulded to look like rope. The jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style. In Quebec French, however, espadrille is the usual term for running shoes.

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This footwear for your designer clothes are always argumented whether they are fashionably chic, or horrendously out of style. The soles of modern espadrilles are usually wedges, with a gradual incline of the heel. You can find flat espadrilles or platform styles, too. Many are slip on or slide versions, but still others may feature ankle straps to keep the foot more secure. Though many of the variants, especially of less expensive brands, feature synthetic roping around the heels, a popular feature is the use of jute, a natural fiber, to make the roping.

Alexa Chung was recently seen in her espadrilles, making them a hot topic for discussion. Some of the espadrilles advantages are they don't pinch like heels, they don't give you blisters like pumps and they don't hurt the balls of your feet like wedges. They're much the perfect shoe, and after they came back to the fashion forefront and designer like Polo Ralph Lauren are now creating designs for this trend.

Some people genuinely think these are pretty ugly and unflattering on their feet, considering the original espadrilles were flat, boring and looked like men's slippers, but now they've been given a radical make over to bring them up to date. Woven wedge heels, bright canvas colors and nautical themes are now the new features of this footwear.

This footwear is perfect for hippie-chic vibe that fits right in with the Bohemian fashions that are popular this season. So would you pull-off this trend?

Rock Fashion Trend: Playful Element for Designer Clothes

Rock Fashion all started at 50's as rock music started to emerge through the popular medium of Rock 'n' Roll and as such, new fashion trends started to come out. Right now in designer clothing fashion, rock fashion is coming back to the style this season.

polo ralph laurenRock chic has steadily evolved from its glam roots over the past few decades. Most designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren develop styles for this trend. From fierce, elegant look to sharp embroidery and ethnic rock look, other designers used various moods of chic rock wear to showcase their collections.

Some of this trend are created through knitwear with heavy embellishments, complimenting the female form into a range of shapes and silhouettes. Some other designs in knitwear are in angular ways that beautifully draped around the body to flatter curves. Such playful punk elements put these designers in the category of trend creators. So we will see plenty more innovative rocker aesthetics in the seasons to come.

For that rocker chic fashion trend you can take it to an extreme or you can just add a glimpse of it. Find the style that works best for you and your personality.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cage Footwear: New Rage in Footwear for your Designer Clothing

Caged footwear hit the designer clothes in today's fashion style. It is derived from the gladiator style, caged shoes are now designed by popular designer such as Yves Saint Laurent and Polo Ralph Lauren . It's time to set your gladiators aside and welcome a new member into the family. Unlike the chunky style of other footwear, caged sandals are all about sexy.

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Caged look could definitely work with some skinny jeans, but the argument from most is that they are unflattering. The cage sandal is strong, architectural, futuristic, different style of footwear. The style is sexy, interesting, and adds interest and character to an outfit. The cage shoe style also works well with many types of outfits: casual, evening, and dressy casual. Wear with jeans and a sexy top, short evening dress to show off the leg, or a flowing summerdress.

So what is your opinion about cage sandals? Would you wear it or forget about it?

Graphic Tee: Easy to Pull off Designer Clothes

Graphic tees have become very popular over the past few years in terms of designer clothing fashion. It is also one of the rare fashion trends that everyone can wear. Depending on your figure, you might not be able to pull off the puff sleeve or wide waist belts but the graphic tee trend is highly stylish, available in every price range and will look great on anyone. Because of it's popularity fashion designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren are creating designs for this trend.

polo ralph laurenGraphic tees became a regular sight on streets throughout the nation. Majority has accepted graphic tees as mere fashion item. What is great about this trend is that it will go with absolutely everything whether it be a skirt, shorts or jeans the graphic-tee will be a stable item in your wardrobe this season. Try an oversized printed tee teamed with a pair of skinny jeans for balance or a mini skirt for a rock look. You can even add a touch of glamour to the trend, for the evening by adding a pair of statement high heels, and oversized clutch bag. Wear a graphic tee with your favourite pair of jeans and go just about anywhere in style.

Here are some tips on how you can wear graphic tees:

Casual: Wear your shirt with jeans or denim skirts and pair it with flip flops.

Work: Wear it with a classic cardigan or blazer and dress pants.

Night Out: Shorts and skirts look great with graphic tees. Since the graphic tee look is mostly associated with denim and flip flops your shoes will add just the right contrast to your outfit.

So if you want to get in with the fashion pack right now a graphic print T-shirt is the way forward. The only thing left for you to decide now is which tee to go for.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Lingerie: Sensual Style of Designer Clothing

Vintage styling, as seen at womens designer clothes wear, made its way into lingerie. Briefs were large, either high-waisted and fitted or with big, frilly ruffles and bows, with basques and corsets also featuring. Muted tones of slate, chocolate brown and dusty pinks formed the color palette. This style in lingerie are now used by many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren for their creations.

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Lingerie is a vital element of every woman's wardrobe and is tastefully selected by most women. It may include sexy everyday items such as satin and silk underwear or exclusive lingerie designs such as "teddy" or "baby dolls" to be worn for special occasions. Typically, most women wear sexy lingerie to seduce their partners and lure them in to passionate lovemaking. Many women are obsessed about lingerie and go to great lengths to find the right style. Women, who love to flaunt different styles and love to experiment, are highly attracted to the vintage style of lingerie. Various movie production houses also require vintage lingerie collections.

Plenty of manufacturers create reproductions of various vintage lingerie styles. Unlike authentic vintage collections, reproduction collections come at affordable rates. The biggest advantage of buying reproduction vintage lingerie is that they offer vintage designs that are combined with the comfort of contemporary style of lingerie.

Wear this new trend in lingerie and be sensual in your everyday wear.

Cage Skirt: Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Forward for your Designer Clothes

Cage skirts have recently made their way on to the fashion design scene. Caged heel, a footwear for designer clothing are debated thoroughly if it is a fashion faux pas or a fashion forward. Some fashionistas like the style and even designer has carefully adopted the caged up style and transformed it into a super sexy pencil skirt. The corset waist enhances every woman’s curves, and evokes the feminine figure.

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Wearing caged skirt has a nice idea, it can be worn over skirts, dresses or even trousers. It can totally transform the look of an outfit. It is perfect for any designer clothes made by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. You can also choose from various colors and patterns and then add stud detailing. It can be any length you want. You can have studs, pearls or nothing at all. The zippers can be metal or plastic.

Cage Skirt allow you to experiment and style in your own unique way. Unleash the cage fighter inside you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chic Office Styles: Designer Clothing for your Work Wear

Work wear in terms of designer clothes has to be three things: durable, protective and comfortable. Perhaps it's no surprise then that work wear has been used to create industrial chic fashion.The transformation from dirty and dangerous work to fashion clothing is that work wear suppliers have responded to the demand in the market and started customizing work wear to look mainstream and to suit all tastes.

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Just like other designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren did by creating all different lines of urban fashion clothing, work wear manufacturers have started tapping into the lucrative consumer market too. This is a win-win situation because people are assured of comfort and durability for their everyday activities with work wear lines. Consider these tips on how to have a chic look with your Work wear.

  • Invest in a simple A-line dress for a clean canvas for your unique look.

  • Snap up lots of fun, affordable baubles, like enamel pins, to pile upon neutral basics.

  • Shop for steals in new different color combos.

  • Play up your femininity at work.

  • Enhance your casual look jeans with budget-friendly accessories.

  • Wear your clothes over and over again in different ways.

  • Transform a dress into more casual and chic look.

  • Keep everything and learn how to mix and match.

Know the perfect match for even the wildest wardrobe and accessory pieces you have. Be chic and faddish when you are in office.

Geometry Fashion Trend: Artsy and Retro Vibed Designer Clothes

Architecture seemed to inspire the latest shows. Look out for it, along with lots of classic black and grey. Geometric patterns are in right now when talking about women’s and men’s designer clothing fashion. You can see them at the fashion runways of this season. Geometric designs are just so funky and retro on clothes-and this is especially true for those really out there outfits from Prada and other designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. And at the same time they can be so classical too. Now tell if geometry is just only about Math.

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For a bit of mod, geometric color blocks and prints are back to make a statement. Best on dresses, all you need is a pair of cute flats and a chunky necklace or earrings and you're good to go. Stripes, squares, diamonds, geometric shapes are still going to be everywhere this winter. Both the haute couture and ready-to-wear spring/summer collections were alive with geometrics, and the trend is showing no signs of boredom.

Blouses, skirts, trousers or coats inspired with hot colors and lines will no doubt help us get over our winter blues - and will make a change from this season's grey. Geometric shapes mix really well, so wear a combination or just one piece. By wearing a variety of silk and matte materials, you'll build up a contemporary look fit in today's fashion. Wearing this can make you look artsy, and still others have a retro vibe. These bold designs will take you to the head of the fashion class.

You don't have to be a math genius to figure out how flattering strategically worn stripes and checks can be.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Water Color Print: Colorful Trend for Designer Clothing

Water color prints in designer clothes takes a special fashion taste and character to wear those busy prints, because patterns and prints need to be treated carefully and combined in a smart way. If you are not yet ready to wear the print, why not try wearing it at home on a rainy day. It takes some time to get used to wild and unpredictable color. Once you do wear your dress though you will notice how it lightens your mood instantly. Many celebrites and stars are now embracing this trend, that is why Polo Ralph Lauren and other designer create styles for this colorful trend.

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How to wear and accessorize this dress: Keep it simple, even jewelry may be already too much when wearing watercolor prints. Try too keep your accessories matched to your shoes in color and if possible also material. Just see yourself as the white, neutral canvas that the watercolor is painted on. If possible try to pick up either the darkest color of the dress or white for your choice of matching accessories and shoes. Less is more also when it comes to make up: only eye shadow or only lipstick will do.

How to wear it as a shirt: A great combination is to wear a watercolor print shirt with a white pair of jeans. This look kind of picks up the idea of the canvas again.

When to wear it: Wear it in your spare time though because unless you are in the creative field it might not fit in too well. However, try pairing up a watercolor print shirt with a white classy blazer and a pair of regular pants.

Mini dress: Cute and Sexy Designer Clothes

Regardless of how warm, cold, rainy, or sunny the weather might be, celebrities and stars are embracing the newest mini dress looks for their designer clothing both on the red carpet and in everyday life. With tons of the world's best known stars showing up in a huge array of mini dress fashions. From the simple classics to the ultra modern, there was no shortage of "above the knee" dresses populating the red carpet arrivals. Because of it's popularity, designer like Polo Ralph Lauren create different styles for this cute and sexy fashion trend.

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If you want to wear a mini dress then you absolutely should go for it, as long as you have a good sense of what works and what doesn't work on your own body. Unless you have a huge amount of confidence and a picture-perfect figure it's best to stay away from the modern/strange looks and instead opt for the modern/classic looks. Choose a mini dress that's about mid-thigh in length or slightly shorter, but never so short that your bum hangs out the back or you can't sit comfortably and modestly. If you are looking for a splash of colour consider a mini dress with a fun and trendy print to it, like polka dots, distinctive floral, or an all over bold colour like red, royal blue, emerald green, or the like.

Most of us simply want a mini dress that's comfortable, stylish, and practical for everyday living, so don't be afraid to shop around for more casual mini dress styles.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Add some Florals to your Designer Clothing

Flowers are the essence of beauty. It’s no wonder that the fashion this year is influenced by flowers. Sport fresh looks with pretty floral prints and flower inspired designs. Women’s clothing is breathing fresh with pretty airy frocks and dresses in vibrant colors. Most designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren have embraced floral fabrics in their fashion designs. The high street now has countless versions of floral trend to be included in your designer clothes. It is one of the most traditional yet hottest trend for the season. There are variety of ways to wear floral, but now it's all about creating your own looks with your own sense of savvy style and flare. So from bold flower prints to subtle embroidery, it's all up to you on how to be stylish.

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Florals are not only for women, it is also for men. The well-tailored look is in, so go for spring classic suits. The safari and bold look is also very trendy this season. Spring clothes in army green and safari hues are a rage. A belt with metallic sequins, when accessorized with a dress gives you that added glamour. Florals are great for outdoor fun too. Casual shorts and tees teamed up with cool flip-flops make you look and feel very comfortable and fashionable.

See how printed fabrics have tiny pinhead flowers that look like they belong in wild meadows, or compete swathes of fabric are covered in tropical exotic blooms and jungle plants. If you wear a floral print dress this summer you will have bought into the latest floral fashion trend.

Flower power is back again. Try to pull off that floral trend and be close to nature.

Short Shorts: Smart and Sexy Designer Clothes

Once the staple of sun-drenched beaches, Super-short shorts have been given an uptown polish in this designer clothing fashion. Smart and sexy, the new shorts skim mid-thigh, come rolled at the hem and belted high on the waist and are made for chic restaurants and glamorous soirées.

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Many fashion designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren feature this cute and sexy shorts. At Louis Vuitton, navy tailored shorts in cotton drill took on a more exotic tone when paired with sandals dangling with tribal feathers and beads; Dolce & Gabbana showed luxe silk “pyjama” versions worn with ornate trophy jackets; Dries Van Noten offered beautifully embellished, chequered, gold shorts; and Marc Jacobs fashioned them in stripy cotton in a more casual take for his Marc by Marc Jacobs line.

There’s a balancing act when it comes to wearing this short shorts. Those crafted from luxe, feminine fabrics such as silk and satin work best with a boyfriend blazer and simple oversized T-shirt. Conversely, a more masculine cut needs a prettier top. Mixing shorts with tailored separates such as a tuxedo jacket with a well-cut camisole underneath for evening, or fine knitwear and chunky block heels for day. This new fashion shorts are great with opaque tights.

This cute and sexy short shorts is a new alternative to skirts, and much more chic.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shoulder Pad Trend: Another Designer Clothing Comeback

Leggings, headbands, and tapered jeans have all found there way back into the hearts and closets of many fashionable women. But there is one 80’s fashion trend that has long been mocked and thrown into the recesses of consignment stores everywhere that is now making a comeback, shoulder pads. This are a type of fabric-covered padding used in men's and women's designer clothes to give the wearer the illusion of having broader, and less sloping shoulders. In men's styles, shoulder pads are often used in suits, jackets and overcoats, usually sewn at the top of the shoulder and fastened between the lining and the outer fabric layer. While in women's clothing, their inclusion depends on the fashions of the day.

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Most fashion designers including Polo Ralph Lauren are creating styles for this and suggesting that the rest of us should cover up; indeed, they appear to be intent upon adding volumes of cloth to our shoulders. And many stylist think wearing shoulder pads can actually make your butt look smaller! According to them, your butt is seen in relativity to your shoulders, so the wider your shoulder width, the smaller your hips and butt look. All of which has been much admired by the hard-core fashion cognoscenti – the same types that rejoice in the return of power-dressing – but those of us who blanch at the thought of a revival of shoulder pads need not necessarily panic if you are possessed of a good pair of shoulders, then by all means reveal them.

When you want to pull off this trend, be creative and imaginative. Being simple is the key to have a nice look.

Fringe sandals: Earthly Footwear trend for your Designer Clothes

Feathers and fringes are two of this season’s biggest trends in this season's designer clothing style. Designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren are using these two elements to embellish everything from clothing, jewelry, and accessories. And one of this trend are the new fringe sandals.

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There are many ways on how to style with this earthly trend. One the best way to style fringe sandals is with denim. That could be a distressed pair of jeans or a denim skirt. This trend will also look best with clothing that only hints at earthiness, like a solid-color maxi dress or a peasant-cut silk top. The other style that you can try is with white linen pieces or flower ruffle skirts. The trend definitely goes into the hippie or bohemian direction but I think you can still pull it off elegantly based on the top and accessories you’re choosing.

It’s a shoe to have fun with and enjoy wearing this recent footwear trend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cutaway Trend: A Sexy Look in your Designer Clothing

When it comes to 2009 fashion trends the sheer clothing trend may be the ultimate proof that throughout the year less will be more. But it's not the year's only trend doing just that. Including cut-outs to your designer clothes is one way to have a knock-out sexy look without exposing too much skin. This trend has been seen recently on a whole bunch of celebrities including Leighton Meester, Selma Blair and Alexis Bledel.

polo ralph lauren

Cutaway fashion trend where intricate missing elements of fabric work to show off glimpses of the female figure in a sexual and sensual fashion typical of women's fashion. This trend is now designed by many designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. Cut-outs have been coming up more and more recently and I've picked out a few of the most common looks so you can create this style for yourself:

Wear a cut-out it in the middle of a dress: This look exposes a little bit of your midriff, but still looks covered enough to be elegant.

Go for the cut-out shoulders: It is a pretty simple look to pull off and just adds a little something extra to a top or a dress.

Choose top or dress with a cut-out pattern around the neckline: It is really beautiful way to add some detail to an outfit and it really brings the focus upwards to the neck and face.

As a perfect look it should come as no surprise that the cutaway fashion trend has been transcribed into the year's fashion statement.

Revolutionize your Designer Clothes with Bohemian Style

In today's fashion in designer clothing, you can find this hippie style shirt in many fashion runways. Originally Bohemian was a lifestyle, But now it has been revolutionized into a complete fashion style. Bohemian chic is all about combining vintage pieces, which hold memories and giving them new life so they can carry on building memories. By simply flinging a throw or scarf over an old leather couch you will give it a new look and rejuvenate it. By keeping the style clean and adding hip-undertone pieces, you will give the room a lift.

polo ralph lauren

Owing to bohemian chic style being a combination of old and new, it is also a combination of different styles. Using different lush textures and intricate patterns essentially creates the true bohemian feeling. With rich rhapsody colors and brocade, different feels and looks combine to create the scene. Most designer like Polo Ralph Lauren are using this trend for his creations.

Because of the different styles, colors do tend to be rather neutral for the most part. Generally earthy colors with spicy colors scattered in between. Overall the ambiance must be light and airy, although candles and vintage lanterns create a different feel at dusk. The most natural thing is to combine them with distressed denim, pants and skirts or all lengths. That really seems to be the best match for these pieces because of their “organic” fabric feel. You might want to experiment with colored denim, but I wouldn’t go too crazy here. Black and white denim are good alternatives to the typical blue shades. Even though I tend to shy away from the obvious and literal way of styling a new trend, this one will have me wearing denim, leather shoes and hippie style accessories like feather earrings, turquoise gems, and patchwork handbags.

Your style may not be bohemian but the new peasant tops and folklore blouses are hard to resist this season.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bondage Shoes: Tips On How to Match it with your Designer Clothing

Bondage shoes are for all intents and purposes, a more serious or hard core version of the gladiator sandal. Over the past year, they have been popping up in terms of designer clothes fashion,. The trend gained steam with the release of the Sex & The City movie. Polo Ralph Lauren and other designer create styles for this footwear trend. They look fine on models, but many girls who love the edginess are still afraid to wear them.

polo ralph lauren

The style of the shoe has some immediate pitfalls, first it is a bit on the heavy and bulky side. It can add pounds to your legs, something most woman want to avoid. Also, the shape of the shoe wrapping heavily around the ankle can create the illusion of short stumps which is in direct contradiction with the long stems we all hope to show off.

To avoid these perils, try matching this shoe with a short skirt or high waisted shorts. If you are uncomfortable showing that much leg, throw on a pair of leggings and it keeps the look edgy. Another good option is to pair them up with a great skinny jean. Choose a dark wash and it will help elongate your legs giving you a more proportioned appearance.

While it might look fashion forward in the other person it is just the sort of thing that will shorten your legs and visually divide your body. However, wearing an ultra feminine dress with these bondage shoes offers a great contrast is definitely a do. They are perfect for women that want to make a bold statement, without having to go overboard with the entire ensemble. If you really love this style, and want to give the illusion of long legs, just wear them with jeans.

Many things look good with sets, so be creative and imaginative on how this footwear can accentuate your style.

Gothic Jewelry: New Sensation for your Designer Clothes

Gothic jewelry is the new sensation in accessories to be paired with your favorite designer clothing. Also known as pagan jewelry, these accessories are made from many types of materials, but they are typically available in gold, sterling silver and pewter. They may come plain or be encrusted with jewels. Many pieces of gothic jewelry have their roots in esoteric sources, such as signs and symbols. Other pieces of gothic jewelry are timeless icons representing the eerie: coffin-shaped rings, heavily ornate cross brooches, earrings shaped like the heads of howling wolves.

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Gothic inspired jewelery has hit the ground running! For the past couple of years celebrities have been sporting their skull and crossbones necklaces, Fleur-de-Lis charmed bracelets and Gallic cross rings. Now the look has gone main stream and many of these created by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren, and these items are available everywhere. Gothic jewelry is easy to wear and can be used to dress up or dress down. They are easily available and the variety offered is endless. It is also popular among both the young and not-so-young.

Slave bracelets, also known as handflowers or maille bracelets, are also popular examples of gothic jewelry. These look like chain mail, or pieces of woven metal. They are different from conventional bracelets in that they are worn not just on the wrist, but on practically the whole hand, and their intricate patterns are sure to attract attention. Bib and choker necklaces are also popular gothic accessories. Catalogues of gothic jewelry oftentimes include so-called ‘poison’ rings or bracelets. These items have a small compartment where the wearer can presumably keep very small or fine materials, such as powder. Maille, chandelier or dangling earrings are also available to complete one’s overall look of mystery.

It does add a nice contrast to the ultra feminine styles being seen in today's fashion. Mixing a Gothic jewelery piece with a simple girly-girl look will make your style right on trend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Be a Good Dresser of Designer Clothing

Woman who dresses right for a formal occasion would, can also dress appropriately for a casual party as she goes out for a shopping or hanging out with her friends. The reason is simply that she knows how to dress right during casual and formal. But not all women know how to choose their appropriate clothes for the events. What makes a woman perfect in her appearance is her attire at the appropriate occasion. Most designer in fashion industry such as Polo Ralph Lauren create different styles for formal and casual wear.

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A perfect dresser is the one who understands how to dress appropriately for any occasion. This involves careful selection of color, texture and style of your clothing. An evening wear will definitely be different from a day wear of course. Similarly, women's designer clothes for a formal occasion is different blend from a casual wear.

There are so many terms in fashion and style need to discover and understand. As variety of magazines and websites promoting the latest fashion in women's designer clothing you should be wise on how to choose.

Stiletto: High Heels for a Sexy Designer Clothes

Stiletto shoes is a long, thin heel found on some boots and shoes, usually for women. It is named after the stiletto dagger. They are known to elongate a womans leg, enhancing calf definition and making the ankles appear slimmer. Stiletto shoes have always been associated with the sexier woman and the slightly unbalancing effect that the extremely thin heel confers has long been the attraction for men who like to see women in high heels while wearing a sexy designer clothing.

polo ralph lauren

The stiletto heel went out of fashion for a time in the sixties as thicker chunkier designs came in but even then women were still looking for them. One man who helped revive the stiletto heel was Manolo Blahnik who in 1974 introduced his "Needle" Blahnik has been an extremely sought after designer ever since. In today's fashion, designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren create various design for this sexy footwear.

Why do women still buy stiletto shoes today? A recent point in favour of the stiletto came about in a recent study. A shoe with a heel height of between four and eight centimetres was found to actually exercise the pelvic floor in a very desirable way. This helped prevent pelvic laxity and so enhanced the love life of stiletto heel wearing women.

Stiletto shoes give a woman a very sexy walk, a definite wiggle to her hips, better looking legs and work out her pelvic floor.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Type of Skirts: Best Choice for a Feminine Touch in your Designer Clothes

Skirts are definitely the best choice for a feminine touch in your designer clothing. They are perfect for work or leisure. You can also look alluring, sophisticated and professional. There is such a wide array of skirts you can choose from, many of this clothing are designed by popular designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. There are such a variety of patterns and colors to suit your personality and style or to follow trends and fashion.

polo ralph lauren
You can start by selecting which style of skirt will flatter your figure and enhance your feminine assets. Here are some different types of skirts:

Circle skirts: Full skirts and they tend to be rather on the short side, usually made of light fabric in order to create the circle effect.

A-line skirts: Are narrow round the waist and knee-length, slightly flared at the base. Pencil skirts are narrow and straight; these are ideal to show of slim figures.

Trouser skirts: It can be fitted or flared and remind you of trousers with pockets and belt loops.

High waist pleated skirts: Have inverted pleats and give you an A-line silhouette with an extra fashionable look, the high waist trimmed in a different fabric confers an elegant look when worn with a stylish blouse.

Tiered skirts: Made from horizontal bands of fabric sewn together to create a flared tier and they usually reach the mid-calf, the fabric they are made from will render them either formal or casual to wear.

Mini skirts: are the most flattering if you have lovely legs, and amongst the most feminine amongst skirts.

Maxi skirts: which are in turn ankle-length skirts, which can come in light summer fabrics that will keep you cool in summer, or in heavier fabric with a straight cut for a more sophisticated or trendy look. Skirts that come with a bias-cut are made from fabric, which is cut diagonally giving it a flowing, gypsy look about it.

Asymmetrical skirts: are perfect for evenings out; the hem is longer on one side giving it a particular trendy style.

Consider these tips on how to chose the right skirt base on your size and shape:

Curvy body: you should go for those skirts with a slight flare that reach just below the knee. Choose skirts, which are smooth in the front and fasten in the back. If your hips are wider choose skirts that narrow down towards the bottom and avoid emphasized waistbands, preferring dropped-waist skirts, which will narrow the hip area. Stay away from pleated skirts that start from the waist, which tend to accentuate curves, as they will not stay in place.

Tall women with long legs: You will look great in mid-length skirts. Asymmetrical skirts will enhance long legs. Mini skirts can be worn taking care to match them with flat-heeled shoes.

Petite women: should go for straight skirts such as pencil skirts or slightly flared skirts, like an A-line skirt. The skirt you should choose should be just above the knee or just below it if you are heavier on the torso. A good solution is to wear vertical stripes, which will make you appear taller, while a slit slightly to one side will make your legs look longer. A full-length skirt will also make you appear taller than you really are, just stay clear from skirts with too many details or complicated patterns.

Women with boyish figures: The best skirts to choose are pencil skirts, which add curves to your straight figures, as will tiered skirts, pleated skirts and circle skirts; these will also make you look more feminine.

How to Choose Perfect Tops for Women's Designer Clothing

It is not easy to get the perfect tops for the ladies designer clothes because women are quite picky when it comes to the clothes that they wear, but it is not that difficult either. Just learn some of the basic things before you purchase womens tops. Consider these tips to help to you when you are shopping for womens tops.

polo ralph lauren

The retail store is the first place where you should go when you are looking for womens tops. You will find plenty of womens tops when you visit any retail store chain and perhaps the most common type of tops that most retailers sell are tees or t-shirts. There are many designs to choose from, and some of them are created by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. Consider the color, style and design of the tops, when you are out to get womens tops for you or for someone. If you will shop for someone, you need to know what her current favorite style and notice the tops that she wears everyday.

Some women do not like wearing a particular color and you have to make sure that the womens tops that you buy for her are in colors that she likes. It is very important to find out what her likes and dislikes are. Just ask her casually and she will tell you. Make sure that you do not buy cheap tops because trust me, a woman will know if the tops that you have brought for her is cheap because the quality of the material will not be good.

If you want to make a good impression on her, you will have to take out some time to shop for the womens tops so that you can get the perfect tops for her.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Men's Jewelry: Complimenting Men's Designer Clothing

Women is the first thing that comes to mind when the word jewelry is mentioned. Jewelry, for the longest time, has always been associated with women. Society expected men to have nothing of that fancy stuff. However, the men of today are slowly gaining the confidence in wearing jewelry to pair with their favorite designer clothes.

Nowadays, there is virtually no end to the kinds and designs of jewelry available to men. In fact, most are not content with the usual watch anymore. They are now more comfortable with complementing their outfits with matching jewelry. Common items that men are given or even shop for themselves include watches, bracelets, earrings, chains, rings, cufflinks, and money clips. The trend is increasingly becoming so popular that the men’s jewelry industry are now designed by some popular designer like Polo Ralph Lauren.

Jewelry experts say that a fusion between old and new styles is emerging. New materials, designs, and types of jewelry have become more socially acceptable for men. The jewelry industry has indeed taken advantage of the growing awareness of gender equality. Materials, such as pearls, that once were only used in making women’s jewelry are now being utilized in men’s accessories, but paired with more “manly” materials like leather. Classic pieces, such as cufflinks, were once made only in gold, silver, and platinum. But now, other colorful stones such as rubies, garnets, and diamonds adore the once plain cufflink as a testament to elegant, contemporary masculinity. Even stainless steel, which was only seen in watches before, is increasingly being incorporated into fine men’s jewelry because of its platinum-like shine, durability, and affordability.

So don’t be shocked if one day, every man you meet is wearing some form of accessory. Jewelry-wearing is a trend that is becoming more and more accepted and popular.

Menswear Trend for Women's Designer Clothes

Today's trend in designer clothing is all about how great mens clothes look on women. The look seems to be taking over the world from runways to college hallways. Some girls look really cute in this girlified menswear trend which are cooler and fit better. This trend are now designed by different designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

polo ralph lauren

Menswear fashions have made their way into female fashions. Take for example the womens vest. It’s obviously been converted from menswear. Womens vests are often tapered at the waist and contoured to fit our curves and can be very flattering when worn with a blouse and skirt or perhaps even some Denim stovepipes or dress pants. That would be a great outfit either for the office or for a casual night out depending upon which items you chose to wear with the vest. A womens western style belt and perhaps a studded purse would look great if you were wearing the vest with a pair of straight legged jeans. The belt has a feminine pattern, but it still has a bit of it’s masculine roots.

When you think about it, a lot of womens fashions today originated as menswear. In a way we’ve all been wearing mens clothing and probably didn’t even realize it. Vests, jeans, shirts, womens suits, belts. What other types of clothing can you think of that were originally only for men?

Instead of looking like a hot mess, we may look uber stylish with this trend. So, what do you think? Is the menswear look hot or not?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Faux Fur Vest: New Statement in Designer Clothes Fashion

In today's designer clothing fashion, faux fur is making a big statement as the hot transitional item to be paired with any designer clothes. It has been cropping up everywhere, from runway to street looks, and looks especially fresh in cropped and vest silhouettes. However, the item that is making waves on both celebs and fashionistas alike is the fake fur vest. Faux fur vest is the perfect way to start wearing your floaty floral blouses and light tees while keeping warm and looking stylish, and many designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren create styles for this new trend.

polo ralph lauren

There are a many different ways to wear this hot new take on fur, consider these tips for a few different directions to give you a jump start on your new look:

Uptown Girl Look: Keep the rest of your look streamlined and simple, with straight or skinny pants and a long-sleeved tee. Knee high boots keep the look sexy and fashion forward, while heels are always a go-to way to look your polished best. Make sure you stick to simple earrings and light bangles if you wear any jewelry at all.

Downtown Diva Look: Undone motorcycle boots and leggings with a patterned top can give you a hip take on the downtown look. If you chose to go in this direction, layer some long necklaces over a basic top or tee, and try a bedhead do to work. Smudge your eye makeup and strut your stuff, but make sure you only look grungy.

Hippie Chic Look: This look is the ultimate way to usher in springtime before the temperature hits rises Sheer chiffony dresses in modern floral patterns and watercolor prints are the perfect pairing with a faux fur vest. This outfit would be perfect with anything from sandals to boots, and you can even layer it over skinny jeans until the weather really heats up.

Make the faux fur vest your own, whatever look you go for. Play around with your own personal style.

Match your Designer Clothing through Colors

Color coordination of your designer clothes can be difficult sometimes. That is why many people just like to play it safe with black. It’s easy, simple, and it doesn’t require too much thought because many things go with black including the color itself unlike any other colors can do that well. However, black can get a tad boring if you’re wearing it day after day. These guidelines will make it easier to wear a variety of colors more frequently. Many designer in fashion world like Polo Ralph Lauren, use color schemes in creating designs for their clothing line.

polo ralph lauren

If you're the type who's always at a loss when it comes to co-ordinating outfits, these color matching combinations are perfect for your designer clothing:

  1. Baby pink: browns, tan, mint green, olive green, gray, turquoise
  2. Fuschia: gray, tan, yellows, lime green, mint green, browns
  3. Tomato red: baby blue, mint green, creamy white, gray
  4. Cherry red: blues, gray, pale orange, pale yellow
  5. Light brown: pale yellow, creamy white, blues, greens, purples, reds
  6. Dark brown: lemon yellow, baby blue, mint green, baby purple, lime green
  7. Tan: baby pink, dark brown, blues, greens, purples
  8. Pale orange: gray, browns, forest green
  9. Dark orange: pale yellow, forest green, browns, cherry red
  10. Lemon yellow: cherry red, browns, blues, gray
  11. Pale yellow: fuschia, gray, browns, tan, reds, blues, purples
  12. Golden yellow: gray, browns, blues, reds, black
  13. Lime green: tan, browns, pinks, dark orange, navy blue, gray
  14. Forrest green: oranges, light brown, tan
  15. Olive green: tan, browns, grays, creamy white, black,
  16. Mint green: brown, gray, navy blue, reds, gray, tan
  17. Turquoise: fuschia, cherry red, tan, browns, creamy white, dark purple
  18. Electric blue: golden yellow, tan, light brown, gray or silver
  19. Baby blue: reds, gray, browns, dark orange
  20. Navy blue: baby purple, tan, brown, gray, yellows, oranges, greens, reds, pale colors
  21. Baby purple: dark orange, dark purple, olive green
  22. Dark purple: tan, pale yellow, gray, turquoise, mint green, pale orange

It’s best to avoid holiday colors such as red and green, orange and black, pink and red, along with red and yellow, which bring to mind the hamburger chain with golden arches. Steer away from wearing the same color on top and bottom unless it’s black. Set aside a day to color code your closet. It could save you valuable time in the morning and get you to your destination faster. Print out the above color matching combinations and post it on your closet door to help you get dressed.

Color cooordinating your clothes is not so difficult when you know the colors that harmonize well and have a closet that has an organized layout.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grunge Trend: A New Way to Layer your Designer Clothing

Designers took an inspiration from the early 90's and brought back the grunge trend in designer clothing fashion. The grunge element are something we called distress, dirt, distort patterns, something really nasty in visual but not something you would run away from.

polo ralph lauren

Now the grunge trend means layering more fitted pieces and gaining a more elegant look. Go for the more chic touch: layers like belts and scarves, black leggings or tights and high heels. Let’s forget about oversized beanies, ankle leg warmers, knee ribbed socks or army boots.

The best thing about modern grunge is that it can be recreated very easily. The trend consists of easy to wear outfits that are brilliant for those summer days when you just don’t feel like donning shoulder pads and a waist belt. Simply throw on some denim shorts and a checked shirt and you’re done, while also being bang on trend.

Designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren are borrowing elements from that era to have an updated yet fresh new look. The alternative key trend of the era, which was more heavily represented on the catwalks, was grunge. Just as punks could be seen as a generation rebelling against their hippie 60's predecessor, the grunge generation was a stark contrast to the new romantic and power dressing of the 80's that came before it.

Both the punk and grunge fashion movements were heavily inspired by the music of the time. Grunge bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mud Honey and Hole introduced the not so famous, layered, un-groomed casual look that became so popular. In today's fashion, the modern grunge that was seen on the S/S ’09 catwalks has a more structured feel.

Fashion always repeats itself, that is why fashion trends run in cycles. Past trends starting to make a comeback as the fashion era of choice. Don’t be afraid, it’s not as awful as it sounds.

Boyfriend Dressing Trend for Designer Clothing Fashion

Boyfriend dressing is one of the key trends in designer clothes this year. It started a few seasons ago with boyfriend jeans and then the boyfriend cardigan. But, it has developed into a more sophisticated style, with the boyfriend blazer, which when worn correctly, actually emphasizes the female frame rather than hides it. Most designer in fashion world like Polo Ralph Lauren usually create styles for this trend.

polo ralph lauren

Boyfriend dressing is for women who have style. The masculine look is softened with feminine touches such as layers of chains or art deco jewelry. The secret of this season's boyfriend dressing is to keep the look tough but tender, it’s about dressing like a man but still retaining the femininity of a woman.

Consider these tecniques on how to pull off this trend:

Go for a masculine outfit with the touch of femininity: Choose masculine loose clothes, but still with a touch of femininity in one of this season’s blush tones, or wear a chic oversized loose fitting shirt.

Contrast masculine with feminine: Wear a soft, delicate blouse under a blazer or a tailored suit, or choose a top in a romantic print.

Emphasize your curves and cleavage: Show your feminine side with the use of skin-tight t-shirts under baggy jackets, or wear a denim mini or one of this season’s sculpted skirts.

Layer on jewelry and other accessories: Go for the gilt chains and cuffs, and accessorize with a luxe leather portfolio or satchel. Pile them high to catch this trends look.

Show off high-heeled statement shoes: Roll-up trouser legs on peg-leg pants and jeans and If skyscraper heels are a no-no, then don on a pair of pumps or oxford brogues.

Keep your look natural: Forget fake tans and lashings of make-up.

Boyfriend dressing does not need to break the bank, with a little imagination you can work a style which can still allow you to feel ladylike yet gives you lots of attitude.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Stylish Robes

Robes come in a number lot styles and materials. The main objective of the women’s robes is to completely dry you off while keeping you warm at the same time. There are a number of women’s robes that also come with an option of zipper instead of the normal sash around the waist. The materials that are usually used for the women’s robes are chenille, polyester, micro fiber, poly-cotton, cotton, terrycloth, cashmere, charmeuse, bamboo. The micro fiber robes usually come with terry lining for added support. Like any designer clothes, robes also come in a variety of colors and they are also created by many designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

polo ralph lauren

Here are some style of the modern robe:

The kimono robe: Another style of the women’s robe that tends to be shorter than the regular bathrobes. They are also available in a variety of materials such as flannel, polyester and can be seen in a variety of prints. The sleeves are slightly different and generously cut. They can be wrapped snugly around the waist.

The spa robe: Both men and women use this when they sweating it out in the spa. They are also available in a number of materials such as Chenille, polyester, micro fiber, poly-cotton, cotton and velour. They are usually simple and are less embellished than the regular bathrobes.

Wrap as the women’s robe: They come in a variety of styles such as velour towel wrap, cotton shower wrap and terry shower wrap. They look like short dresses that can be worn in the bath and are quite feminine to look at. Rather than hide the figure like other bathrobes, they accentuate the feminine figure.

Kid's Designer Clothing

The demand for designer clothing for kids has meant that there are a number of fashion labels that are popping up literally each passing day. The boom in the kid’s fashion wear market has meant that designers such are pouncing on this latest market.

polo ralph lauren

Most of the leading designer brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren give importance to the choice of colors when designing clothes for children. It is a well known fact that parents prefer their children to dress up in bright colors. Designers do care of this aspect and almost all leading designer brands for this reason have collections for kids designed accordingly.

This clothing come in different shapes and sizes with customization. Wisely chosen eye-grabbing patterns on these clothes can make children feel energetic throughout a day. You can buy embroidered clothes four your children, which may contain a picture of an animal that your children like. Make sure that you buy designer kids wear from authorized outlets. Most of the leading designers have their own exclusive retail outlets, where you can shop for designer kids wear. The internet is another place where you can find a wide collection of designer wear meant for kids.

Just like adult designer clothes, kid's designer clothing has a varied range of clothes to suit their tastes and styles.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Add Boldness to your Designer Clothes with Nude Color Trend:

Make a statement in today's designer clothing fashion, by working with a palette of nude pieces. Style your look by revving up textures, trimmings and fun accessories. Now you may agree that not every color looks the same on every woman. With nude colors it is even more so. This colors look best on tan and darker skin. Pale skin doesn’t really add the necessary interest to the look. This trend are now used by famous designer like Polo Ralph Lauren for their creation.

polo ralph lauren

Here are some tips on how to wear the trend:

Try not to mix nude with other colors: Denim might be fine, but the whole point of the nude look is to be simple, bare - well, nude in a different sense. So pick a nude top and pants/skirt or even better, to avoid the matching problem, a dress or jumpsuit.

Accessorize little and simple: Gold jewelry is definitely more appropriate. Pick light pieces, especially for necklace and earrings. Bangles are great too.

Match it with the right footwear and accessories: Strappy, possibly golden, high heel sandals are the perfect pair of shoes for this trend. Always keep in mind, this trend definitely calls for less is more. Your handbag or clutch should be simple too, no glitter, just golden shimmer or satin will work perfect.

Try this trend and add boldness to your everyday style. The possibilities are endless.

Earth Shoe: A Comfy Footwear for your Designer Clothing

Earth shoes were an unconventional style of shoe invented were the soles were thick and the heels were thin, so wearing them one walked heel-downward. In an era when women’s shoes featured high heels, narrow toes and dangerously skinny arches, the odd looking shoes attracted the attention of the fashion world and the popular media. With their wide toe boxes,"negative" heels and rocker bottoms, they were often referred to as the ugliest shoes ever created.

polo ralph lauren

Like most fads and designer clothing and footwear trend, earth shoes had their supporters. Earth shoes were seen as a healthy and body-friendly alternative to traditional 'fashion’ footwear. The main feature of the Earth shoe is the 'negative heel’, created by a thick fore sole and thin heel. The bed of the shoe is designed to place the heel lower than the ball and toes of the foot, which encourages better posture and a more natural gait.

Earth shoes are perfect for the type of person that needs comfy shoes. Most designer in fashion world like Polo Ralph Lauren create styles of clothes that can fit these comfy footwear. The look is fresh and they have style that can satisfy your taste.

Wide toe boxes: The wide toe box serves an important purpose. It allows the toes to spread naturally and grip the 'ground’ as they’re meant to do. Liberating cramped toes alone was enough to make the Earth shoe a popular style.

Negative heel: This encourages better posture, according to the makers of Earth shoes, and also encourages the calf and other muscles of the legs to work harder.

Rocker bottoms: It helps the heel to absorb the impact of the step, then the foot rocks forward as the body’s weight moves to center over it. Finally, the heel comes up off the ground and the toes grip to push off into the next step.

Happily, today's Earth shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, meaning fans of these comfortable shoes can now have both form and function.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiny Hats: A fun and Quirky Acessory for your Designer Clothing

Hats are in right now, in terms of designer clothing fashion. Well a huge trend that is the actual size of the hats seem to be shrinking. The teenage years are all about dressing up and experimenting with your look. These wonderful little hats are so cute and one of them can even dress up a young lad’s look with its bright orange glory.

polo ralph lauren

As far as accessories go, these tiny hair pieces are fun and quirky. You can have the party sailor hat, the pretty school girl pixie hat, pom-pom hats, and a classic top hat. I would go the full way with these looks and make a perfect sailor outfit to go with the seaman’s hat if it were up to me. These cute accessories are perfect pair for your favorite clothes created by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. And it can give your simple clothing a fashionable and new look.

While these hats aren't necessarily easy to pull off, you can make these hats look adorably chic.

image courtesy:

Shapewear: Feel Sexy under your Designer Clothing

Shapewear is the modern, more improved and definitely more comfortable version of the corset and the girdle. It is a must-have, especially for those suffering from less attractive bodily features, and can make any woman feel sexy. It can be worn underneath your favorite designer clothes or as lingerie. Some women find wearing camisole sets underneath their clothes makes them warmer while others just feel that it makes them sexier.

polo ralph lauren

Camisole: It is similar in look to the chemise, but has a tighter fit which covers the whole torso. Nowadays, shapewear camisoles not only offer noticeable differences in appearance, with reductions to waistlines as well as a lift to the breasts, but also have the added benefit in that it aids in the permanent reduction of those unwanted inches.

Padded Panty: It is designed to give you that posterior lift where you need it most. Modern shapewear padded panties feature padding that ensures that the wearer is comfortable and in control and has the added benefit of being discreet.

A Cincher Vest: It is similar to the Camisole for women in the sense that it covers the whole torso. It has, like other shapewear products, the benefit of being lined with latex which promotes a micro-massage on the wearer's body as he moves around. Coupled with compression and perspiration, the shapewear Cincher Vest will promote a reduction in those unwanted measurements.

Shapewear products available for males comes in the form of the High Compression Rubber Cincher. It is focused on the abdominal area with an increase in compression which naturally aids in shaping the wearers abdomen and keeping it that way. Some of these shapewears are created by fashion icons like Polo Ralph Lauren.

The above are of course only a few of the wide variety of products available to both men and women.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finding a Designer Clothing that will Fit your Shape

Finding the right designer clothing that flatters to your body shape can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. We are all shaped differently, and this is not a bad thing. What you need to do to look your very best, is to emphasize your best assets, and hide down your flaws. Most clothing that are created by famous fashion designer like Polo Ralph Lauren are designed to help emphasize one's asset. One woman may think she has positive feature, while the other may think it's not. Learning how to dress on what you have is key. Here are some figure fixes for a more confident you.

polo ralph lauren

Large Breast: The key here is not to look heavy. An important first step that any woman with large breast needs to do is find a well fitting bra. Don't just buy any old bra, but bras with under-wire and wide straps are a good choice. For your tops, you will want to find shirts that have an open neckline, such as v-shaped, round or square necklines. Also look for tops that are fitted at the waist and have more room up on top. Avoid high necklines and unfitted tops. Halters are also not a good idea, because it is hard to find a bra to wear with this kind of top and your breasts always need good support.

Small Breast: Most clothes look better on you, and if you want a little extra on top you can use padded bras and other extras that enhance your breast. For your tops, you will want to find shirts like shoulder baring tanks with high necklines. Halter tops were made for you. Avoid lower necklines; these will only emphasize your chest. Avoid corset type blouses that are fitted at the waist, these are designed to accentuate the breast.

Big Bottom: Tighter fitting pants will look much better than baggy droopy ones. Some ladies have bottoms that are not in proportion to the rest of there body, for them there a few things to keep in mind. Wide leg lower rise trousers are a great choice. The lower waist cuts the bottom area in half, which in turn makes the bottom appear smaller. Also keep pocket flaps off the pockets as this only adds to the definition of your bottom. Another thing to keep in mind is to look for darker colors for your bottom half. Avoid at all cost high-waisted jeans. The main reason for this is simple really. Pants with a high waist make the butt look bigger because there is more fabric. Jeans in lighter washes should not even be considered.

No Bottom: You will want to look for cheek lifting jeans that have back pockets that are spread further apart. This will help your bottom look fuller. Also jeans with flaps on the back pockets will add definition.

Sweater: For All - Year Designer Clothing

A sweater is a relatively heavy garment intended to cover the torso and arms of the human body and usually worn over a shirt, blouse, T-shirt or other designer clothing top. Sweaters are common in every man’s wardrobe. They are astounding and versatile that is why Polo Ralph Lauren create styles for it.

polo ralph lauren

Cashmere Sweaters – The Ultimate Choice: Cashmere is one of the most luxurious things you can have in your wardrobe. Not only is it ultra soft, it can be worn year round.

V-neck and Crew-neck Sweaters: They are so easily worn over a tee and with jeans for a more casual look. The same sweater can be worn with slacks and over a button up shirt for the office or a date. They are a must in every wardrobe.

Cardigans: They are simply ideal for layering and there are so many ways to wear them over a tee, over a button down, under a sport jacket, with jeans cords, and slacks.

Polos: Often they are made with cotton and have short sleeves. They are a perfect compliment to khakis for those casual wear.

Turtleneck Sweaters: Turtlenecks are obviously reserved for the colder months. The fit of a turtleneck looks best when more fitted to the body and neck. With that said, avoid them if you are even somewhat heavy, it only accentuates your less than perfect physique.

Mens wear them often and throughout the year because of how comfortable they are and how they add texture and richness to an ensemble.

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