Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashionable Camisole

Camisole can make any woman feel sexy. It can be worn underneath your favorite designer clothes or as lingerie. Some women find wearing camisole sets underneath their clothes makes them warmer while others just feel that it makes them sexier. A camisole is considered to be an underwear.

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Camisoles can be worn as shirts. They usually have straps and may cover the torso, although some shows the tummy. In the summer time they are worn instead of tank tops, and many women have begun wearing them under jackets as a fashionable alternative to the business suit.

One of the nice things about camisole sets is that they often cost quite a bit less than other lingerie, yet they can still be every bit as beautiful and sexy. They also look wonderful on all body types, which makes them even more versatile. These characteristics of camisole is the reason why designers like Polo Ralph Lauren create designs for this clothing.

Whatever you choose you can be sure that it will be sexy and impress either yourself if you are treating yourself or your loved one. As long as you’re comfortable and feel good about yourself in a camisole, your options are endless.


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