Monday, May 18, 2009

Stiletto: High Heels for a Sexy Designer Clothes

Stiletto shoes is a long, thin heel found on some boots and shoes, usually for women. It is named after the stiletto dagger. They are known to elongate a womans leg, enhancing calf definition and making the ankles appear slimmer. Stiletto shoes have always been associated with the sexier woman and the slightly unbalancing effect that the extremely thin heel confers has long been the attraction for men who like to see women in high heels while wearing a sexy designer clothing.

polo ralph lauren

The stiletto heel went out of fashion for a time in the sixties as thicker chunkier designs came in but even then women were still looking for them. One man who helped revive the stiletto heel was Manolo Blahnik who in 1974 introduced his "Needle" Blahnik has been an extremely sought after designer ever since. In today's fashion, designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren create various design for this sexy footwear.

Why do women still buy stiletto shoes today? A recent point in favour of the stiletto came about in a recent study. A shoe with a heel height of between four and eight centimetres was found to actually exercise the pelvic floor in a very desirable way. This helped prevent pelvic laxity and so enhanced the love life of stiletto heel wearing women.

Stiletto shoes give a woman a very sexy walk, a definite wiggle to her hips, better looking legs and work out her pelvic floor.


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