Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Lingerie: Sensual Style of Designer Clothing

Vintage styling, as seen at womens designer clothes wear, made its way into lingerie. Briefs were large, either high-waisted and fitted or with big, frilly ruffles and bows, with basques and corsets also featuring. Muted tones of slate, chocolate brown and dusty pinks formed the color palette. This style in lingerie are now used by many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren for their creations.

polo ralph lauren

Lingerie is a vital element of every woman's wardrobe and is tastefully selected by most women. It may include sexy everyday items such as satin and silk underwear or exclusive lingerie designs such as "teddy" or "baby dolls" to be worn for special occasions. Typically, most women wear sexy lingerie to seduce their partners and lure them in to passionate lovemaking. Many women are obsessed about lingerie and go to great lengths to find the right style. Women, who love to flaunt different styles and love to experiment, are highly attracted to the vintage style of lingerie. Various movie production houses also require vintage lingerie collections.

Plenty of manufacturers create reproductions of various vintage lingerie styles. Unlike authentic vintage collections, reproduction collections come at affordable rates. The biggest advantage of buying reproduction vintage lingerie is that they offer vintage designs that are combined with the comfort of contemporary style of lingerie.

Wear this new trend in lingerie and be sensual in your everyday wear.


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