Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiny Hats: A fun and Quirky Acessory for your Designer Clothing

Hats are in right now, in terms of designer clothing fashion. Well a huge trend that is the actual size of the hats seem to be shrinking. The teenage years are all about dressing up and experimenting with your look. These wonderful little hats are so cute and one of them can even dress up a young lad’s look with its bright orange glory.

polo ralph lauren

As far as accessories go, these tiny hair pieces are fun and quirky. You can have the party sailor hat, the pretty school girl pixie hat, pom-pom hats, and a classic top hat. I would go the full way with these looks and make a perfect sailor outfit to go with the seaman’s hat if it were up to me. These cute accessories are perfect pair for your favorite clothes created by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. And it can give your simple clothing a fashionable and new look.

While these hats aren't necessarily easy to pull off, you can make these hats look adorably chic.

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