Friday, January 30, 2009

Fashion Rules

Fashion rules are the unwritten code that dictates our sense of style. Most of us follow them to the best of our abilities, fearing the reactions of the fashion police.

While fashion continues to develop, the rules are updated too. Check out these rules and judge.

Same color for your Jewelry

One of the older rules that have begun to ignored by fashionistas. Yes, mixing the elements gives a more traditional look, but isn't modern always better? You can always pair a piece that combines silver with gold designs to pull the look together if you plan to wear both.

Stockings should be flesh toned or match your shoes

There is big factor of sheer, flesh toned stockings or matching your stocking to your shoes. However, fishnets and colorful tights can add a funky splash of fun to any outfit.

Own a traditional suit

One of the rule that will never expire and most professional settings still endorse the suit, and while the rules are roomy in terms of what bottom to pair with that jacket, a suit is always a great investment. Pants add a modern feel to the traditional suit, but designers have attempted to update skirts with interesting detailing. Moderately priced suits are available from good designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, or go for the classic with a timeless Armani suit. Pair with a great button down shirt to create that clean silhouette.

Less is more when talking about makeup

Day time makeup is still basic and neutral. Night time is when the glam gods come out. And you can always follow this basic rule: for day wear play up either your eyes or mouth for evening wear feel free to do both.

Belts make you look fat

Belts are one of the perfect accessory. If belt loops are present and visible wear a belt! Low slung jeans and naval bearing tops have made belt loops more visible and belts are still conspicuously absent. Belts pull and outfit together and you can have fun with your belt. Try wearing it over a dress or long top. If you wear your belts in a wrong way this will make you look fat..

Personal style is the main factor in fashion. Sometimes, breaking the rules is what it takes to create that style. keep in mind this most important rule-and one that will never expire-- is to be comfortable with what you wear. Personality should never be controlled by the trends.

Top Fashion Designers

In a society where we are harassed with fashion, ever wonder how can we decide who the top designers of them all? Here are some best designer and I'd give you a little background on them...

VALENTINO GARAVANI. An Italian fashion designer known as Valentino. He is the founder of the Valentino SpA brand and company. His fashion house is among the world's most famous haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion empires. This man knows how to make a woman look like a goddess. The one place you are sure to find a Valentino dress is on the red carpet. Having dressed many of the world's most famous leading ladies(such as Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Taylor.

n American fashion designer. He gained international fame for his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house and the creation of the Tom Ford label. Although he is not only extremely talented, you can see on his creation he is hot too. Tom originally trained to be an actor and become the Creative Director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Ford won the Best International Designer Award in 2000 VH1 Fashion Awards.

DONATELLA VERSACE. An Italian fashion designer and her brother is the famous late Gianni Versace, the founder of the Versace designer clothing brand. She is one of fashions most loved diva and has become know for her sexy yet elegant designs.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. an English fashion designer and is one of the worlds most innovative and outstanding couturiers. Known for his theatrical influence, his creations are not only beautiful but also colorful and raw.

BETSEY JOHNSON. A fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs. Many of her designs are considered "over the top" and embellished. Her designs are brilliant, bold and fun. They are funky and edgy, with a lifetime of flare. She also is known for doing a cartwheel at the end of her fashion shows.

RALPH LAUREN. an American fashion designer and business executive. He is most notable for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. He could possibly be the king of ready-to wear. When anyone mentions Ralph you know they have a deep love for fashion. Ralph Lauren studied business science and even served his time in the army.

JOHN GALLIANO. A Gibraltarian designer graduated from London's St. Martins College of Art & Design in 1983. With the help from friends and loved ones, Galliano put on his first show in 1984. Creating designs with a historical influence, he has worked hard to gain the title of Chief Designer at Givenchy and the House of Christian Dior prize at LVMH.

n Italian fashion house. Their designs are worn by the likes of Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Michelle Williams, Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Ashanti, Christina Aguilera, Isabella Rossellini, and Kylie Minogue. Every woman who wears D&G can be sure to feel sexy and confident. They both hail from Italy, and are known for making the "stars look like Stars".

MARC JACOBS. An American fashion designer. He is the head designer for Marc Jacobs, as well as the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jacobs is currently the Creative Director of the prestigious French design house Louis Vuitton. He is one of those incredibly talented designers who makes everyone who wears his clothing feel like they are the cutting edge of fashion. This year his collection showcased a series of 60's housewife inspired dresses that were not only cute but also incredibly feminine. This one is one of my personal faves.

STELLA MCCARTNEY. An English fashion designer. She is the daughter of former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney. She has managed to carve a huge place for herself in the fashion world. And we love her for it. Her clothes are the height of class and speak volumes of her personal talent.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Know your Scent

Most of us are well informed about the latest designer clothing. And just like this famous clothing, most of them are signature scent made by designer just like the popular Polo Ralph Lauren scents. In fact, there are four different categories according to the strength of the oils in perfumes that we use,

Perfume or Parfum is the most fragrant and strongest concentration and commonly contains 15 - 40 percent essential oils. It is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and the scent of the various ingredients. A small amount can last a long day.

Eau de parfum is second for strength and durability and commonly contains 10 - 20 percent essential oils.

Eau de toilette is third in line for strength and has a typical concentration of 5 to 15 percent essential oils

Eau de cologne or Cologne has the smallest mixture of fragrance and has a contains 3 to 8 percent of essential oils.

Furthermore, perfumes have six different categories of scent that describes different moods. They are :

Floral is the most famous category that is created mainly from flowers, including rose, carnation, orange blossom, gardenia and jasmine. These are typically blended together to produce a distinctive floral bouquet.

Citrus came from citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, tangerine and mandarin, this fragrance type projects a sharp, tangy aroma.

Chypre or Cyprus is the woody fragrance created by French perfumer Francois Coty, based on his impression of the island of Cyprus. The fragrance is composed mainly by pine aromas with hints of bergamot, oak moss, citrus and patchouli providing an earthy suite of aromas.

Oriental scent are a heady mix of spices, amber, balsams and resins suggesting warmth and exotic sensuality.

Green are fresh and alive aromas, with a hint of sharpness from young grassy scents blended with pine, juniper, leaves and herbs to create memorable perfumes. They reflect sporty personalities and most suited to daytime wear.

Fougere scent is a combination of fresh herbs and mossy ferns blended in to produce a sophisticated urban style, with earthy overtures.

Remember to match your scent with your style, outfit and occasion. Choose wisely based on your preference because your scent reflect to your personality.

Men's Belt

A belt is a girdle or strap that is a part of informal or formal men's clothing. Belts that are available in current market are made from an extensive different kind of materials. Though leather belts are still measured the most popular one, some variation are being done in the look to appear it extra stylish to dress in. Some examples of raw materials being used to build belts in today’s market are jute, plastic, fabric, reptile skins, wood, and suede, and straw. Most of belts are associated with a broad range of buckles ranging according to the customer size and preferences. Despite the fact that belt buckles are prepared of metal, timber or plastic, buckles contain clasps prepared of buttons and Velcro are in addition available at present. Some belts consist of buckles that are surrounded so that it looks similar to part of the belt rather than being recognizable.

This is true that belts contribute especially a main part in the personality of men. Most of the belts is adjustable and is a one size well designed to every one. Though, there are belts that are specifically fitted to an exact sized waist for example are corsets, cinches, or contours. These emphasize the figure of the wearer so they are attainable in specific sizes to fit with the body of a buyer. Mainly party belts are available in two colors brown and black other than formal belts are available in lots of colors. The most stylish belts are made of buying a strip of leather that well fitted to your waist and contain no buckle by any means. Then you are able to select a buckle that well suited to your personal preferences. This creates a lot more sense together in fashion and price. This saves your value of leather and also allows you to have the choice of using a belt buckle by means of different colors of leather similar to brown and black. There are a lot of different kinds of buckles that easily allows you increase the variety of style that you possibly will choose on a particular occasion.

Furthermore, there are some designs of the leather strap by means of broad buckles. Straps of leather possibly will contain numerous lines of holes or can even be prepared of slighter leather straps that are natural fiber jointly. While pairing a buckle to an extra eccentric strap, make sure that the hook and eye of the buckle will adjusted in the strap. Belts show lots of things in the fashion clothing sense of one’s individual. These days in personality development programs there are extremely important class of dressing and they instruct that belt is in addition to boost your personality. The brand issue comes which is a necessary thing these days. A branded belt can easily provide the wholesome exact look. In fact there are some fashion designers that create a good designs of belt such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

Buying only by means of color or design is not the best way of buying a perfect belt. Men must also consider his dress code and it must go with his outfit’s style.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be a Victoria's Secret Model

Have you witnessed the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Then you know just how gorgeous, hot, and confident the models are. You can be like them too by reading this article you can now wear any designer clothes you want just like the trendy Polo Ralph Lauren.

Exercise at least 60 minutes a day. You can try kick boxing, jump rope, jogging, and yoga. These are some exercises that a some Victoria's Secret models do to maintain their hot figure. All of these are proven very good and can burn a lot of calories. If exercising tires you out a lot, start from so many minutes a day, and slowly work up to 60 or more.

Apply your makeup in a right way. Put a light foundation, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, eyeshadow in gray and silver for a smoky effect and a ton of mascara! If you can afford eyelash extensions don't hesitate to try them.

Eat healthy. Healthy foods will make you feel and look great. Avoid greasy foods like French fries, and other fastfood restaurant offers to you. Sweets and sugar is also a big No No. Instead prefer fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, and drink a lot of water!

Curly hair do the trick. You can learn it by yourself there are many site in the net that offers a tutorial on how to do it.

Look and feel beautiful with the help of the clothes you wear. Pretty, and hot lingerie? Being a girl you should try it.. Be confident on what you wear.

Additional Tips for you:

You don't have to tan to be pretty! If you do that you could end up having skin cancer in the years to come. And you could get addicted too. There are tons of pale girls out there that are really pretty and right now there are lots of Victoria's Secret models who are pale!

You may attract attention from guys. Showing a lot of skin and being seductive isn't the way to get a boyfriend, and it isn't hot, its just trashy! Being classy is way hotter than trying to be blunt sexy.

Be Confident, that's key for being beautiful. Whatever it is, natural beauty is the best for you

Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

Want a new jewelry? There are so many options to choose that you do not know what to select. Fashionable jewelry must be considered by a fashionable person. It will make your style complete, so be patient and choosy and you won't make any mistakes.

Accessories of various styles and materials first come in mind if we say jewelry fashion industry. You have to know the material to make it easier for you to choose the model. After deciding on what kind of material you like, start looking for some certain thing. Always consider your style issues before purchasing an item. Although in most cases accessory is used to complete the style, it can also be used to create a style, so be careful and decide what is creating your looks it is either fashion clothing or stylish accessory.

Silver is the most fashionable material for today. But if you want gold, go for the white gold. Silver is so famous because it can match perfectly with almost any other material. Furthermore, it is less noticeable and helps to create bohemian style, which is very fashionable for this moment. If you really like to be trendy, pick bracelets and necklaces that are made of silver and gems.

There is no problem in matching silver and gems with any style, because you can choose gems of different colors and types, so it would fit the coloring of your clothing. You can pair it to any casual clothing like the one that comes from Polo Ralph Lauren. You don't have to buy a whole complex of jewelry because any pieces can match perfectly even if they are different.

Diamond is another popular material for all time. It's elegance creates an image of luxury, so you should prefer appropriate style if you like to wear accessory made of diamond. It is used together with metal. Silver, platinum or white gold thicken with diamond is the perfect choice if you want to look really trendy.

Today, fashion don't agree to huge accessory details.But if you prefer bigger jewelry there's a way out. You can buy any size jewelry piece made of material that creates illusion of lightness. The illusion is usually achieved by using small peaces of material instead of big.

Fashion designers offer accessory made of such materials as stone, pearls, felted wool, wood or even bone for those who don't like metal jewelry. Just like with all materials you have to be very careful while choosing one of those. The advantage of having a jewelry is that you'll surely look very unique and trendy.

No matter what material or color you choose, the most important thing is that jewelry must serve as a fulfillment of your style. While choosing your accessory, the first thing you should consider is whether the jewelry will serve its function and match perfectly with your clothing and its coloring. However, don't ever purchase any accessories that you don't like.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UGGs Footwear

All of us want to look stylish and fashionable all year round. But for this winter season! UGGs are one of the most fashionable and stars favorite winter footwear!

Claudia Schiffer, Eva Longoria, Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Britney Spears, Kate Moss and others made their chose for the advantage of this warm, comfortable and natural footwear.

UGGs is the abbreviation of “Ugly boots”s and it is an Australian footwear designed for the surfers to warm the feet on the cold sea shore sand.

UGGs are the extraordinary! You feel good no matter what season you wear them! An air cushion, helps to keep warmth around the leg in winter and the sheepskin fibers absorb all the skin moisture evaporating it actively in summer.There is a kind of natural heat balance: sheepskin absorbs the moisture much better than cotton. Furthermore, the sheepskin fibers produce lanolin that is antiseptic moistening the skin.

That means you will feel comfortable both at the hot and cold temperature.

The thick wool nside act as the surgical footbed giving an easy wear. The UGGs crepesole is very freeze-resistant and not slippery.

UGGs look good with casual styles as well as with skirts and jeans. This season blue, pink and natural colors of UGGs are trendy again. Try mixing it up to any designer clothing and be surprised for the result

There is a number of design of this footwear now: downy seam decorated UGGs, lacing and bow ornamented UGGs, logotype and impression beautified UGGs!

Consider first if you will look beautiful and trendy before purchasing the Ugly Boots.

Clothes for Plus Size Women

Are you a plus sized woman? If yes, then don't worry because there are a number of choices that are available to you. The truth is most companies and designer clothes online shops have plus size women’s in their collections.

Leisure and formal wear are both included in the plus size women’s clothes. The sizes available are from 14 to 44 and can fit all. The stylish plus size women's fashion clothes are available in shops and malls with the latest styles and colors made in high quality products.


They are styled in the manner in which they handle the flab on the tummy, hide the hips and the thighs and show off the bust area. It is usually available in one-piece suits because the two-piece suits will emphasize the flab for those who are plus sized.

Maternity wear

There is a bunch of plus size women’s clothes in the maternity wear section. They are comfortable for the mothers to-be during the time that are expecting and are also right for them when they have their baby and are yet to get rid of their excess weight.

Workout clothes

There are a number of choices available for workout clothes as far as plus size women’s clothes are concerned. This assures that they can stretch and fit comfortably to make you sweat and lose weight easier. There are a plenty of clothes such as hoodies, sweats and many more.

Jackets and coats

The plus size collection includes trendy leather jackets. Parkas, sherpas, trench coats and many more. Wear it up in style when you choose these plus sized clothes. There are a bunch of materials to choose from such a fleece, leather, suede, faux fur and many more. Now being big is equally trendy.

Plus sized teens can have as much fun as the skinny ones

Not only for ladies but plus size women’s clothes are available for the teens too. The latest trends can be found for sizes 14-36. In fact, when the sales are going on, you might just get a prom dress that you have always wanted.

Being big doesn’t mean that women need to wear regular clothes. In fact there are beautiful styles to choose from. Whether you are fat or not, still you have the right to be fashionable

Monday, January 26, 2009

Men's Suit

Women like to see their partners wearing suits. That is why suits this year are as classic as they can be but there are still some factors that you have to consider when choosing a best suit for yourself.

Shoulder Length

There are two main types of suits when talking about shoulder padding - British and Italian/American.

The British type has a shoulder padding that extends a bit over the shoulder itself and then rolls down into a sleeve, it makes the men’s shoulders look broader. While the Italian/American type has a shoulder padding that ends precisely when the shoulder bone does.

So, it’s up to you to decide which of them suits you best.

Number of buttons

Consider the number of buttons of a single-breasted suit jacket for your personal preference:

The more buttons makes the men look taller.

One button has been a fashion style for a row of seasons and this spring it is still very popular. But keep in mind that it will fit you only if you are at least 6′ 2″ in height. If you are shorter prefer a suit with more buttons.

Two buttons seem the best because it makes the waist look slim and it is also good about height and really classic.

Three buttons create a much leaner look but it’s harder to pull off. This style was famous way back in the 90s of the last century and has made a great comeback this season.

Four buttons and more can be a personal choice and it is a trend of this season but the model itself doesn’t look very well.

Think twice before buying such a suit.


Notched lapels have become the popula since the mid-20th century, but this season designer clothes have returned towards classic tailoring and the peaked lapel that was in fashion in 1920s.

Cloth for a Suit

Selecting the right fabric is essential because the price of your suit depends largely on the fabric it is made from.

Cotton is good for suits because it warms in winter and cool in summer. Yet it has flaws either: it’s perfect only as an informal or fashion suit and it crumples easily. The best colors are black, grey and navy.

Linen is best for hot, humid summer days. Go for brown, white and cream colors to make the most impressive look.

Wool is the best for suits as it is perfect on both cold and hot days. However, you should be very careful when choosing your suit, for you may spend lots of money and get no result. Because even the most expensive wool suits may split up in a few seasons. So, look for good quality.

Don’t be afraid much of suit’s tendency to crumple, it’s all a part of the fabric’s charm. Just express yourself and be confident.

Paul Smith for English Schoolboy Trend

The English schoolboy, with his tweed-heavy clothing and fondness for sassy mix and matching, had the run of the catwalk at British designer clothes show of Paul Smith on Sunday.

The collection was amusing and fun even if Smith, whose talent in giving classics a twist has won him a worldwide following, didn't stray far from his label's hallmark style.

Tweed professor blazers were paired with slim plaid trousers and smart wool jackets were worn over cycling jerseys in bright primary colors. Flashes of hot pink lining peaked out from a blazer in oatmeal-colored houndstooth.

Bow-ties largely replaced conventional neckties, somehow managing to look dapper and not too out of place on the teenage models.

The same cannot be said for the show's clunky plastic eyeglasses. Those wearing the heavy, Clark Kent-style frames looked as if they were itching to rip off the nerd gear and re-emerge in tights and spandex.

Smith said the show's emphasis on accessories — which also included colorful shoes and scarves — was a response to the financial crisis.

"During recessionary times, people maybe spend money on smaller things as a way of adding to their wardrobe," Smith told The Associated Press backstage. Still, he said the brand, which sells some 3 million pieces a year, has yet to be affected by the economic downturn.

Source: Yahoo! News

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fashionable Sunglasses

Sunglasses are generally as much of a fashion statement as your designer clothes that you got at a discount. This reflect your personality. This reason people don't just purchase the first pair of glasses that they happen to lay their hands on. They purchase again and again when they find one that they love. But style isn't the only factor to be considered. Remember that sunglasses are meant to be used more for functionality and safety.

Eye protection is the most important reason for wearing sunglasses. The UV rays can damage our skin and of course it can damage our eyes too. You can get mascular degeneration and cataracts, which cause vision impairment when you are always exposed to the sun. When selecting a pair of glasses make sure it is made from CR-39R or polycarbonate. CR-39R blocks about eighty eight percent of the UV rays, while polycarbonate blocks almost one hundred.

Make sure they will work for the purpose you intend. For instance, if you plan on using them daily you will want a different lens color than if you plan on using them for an extreme sport. Glasses with a gray lens color are best for everyday use. They are true color perception. For sports you may want to do some research or contact a glasses specialist. They will know which color of lens will work best with your sport of choice.

Make sure your glasses protect your eyes, but after that point let them be a statement of your personality!

Be Elegant

Being elegant is the aspect of being rarely different and simple. It is common in standard of good taste and style. This is how elegance is described. And being an abstract thing, we can be elegant in our own way. It is not as hard to achieve as it may seem. You just need to know some secrets of elegance.

Despite the fact that fashion clothing is not the main thing when talking about elegance, it still is an important factor in choosing your style. As we said earlier, being elegant is being simple, so all your clothes should be simple as well. No exaggeration on every details. Avoid bright-colored clothes. Light and dark tones should be soft. It's very comfortable, and can easily matched with each other.

Having right clothes is not enough. Too small or too large clothes will surely ruin all your efforts. Furthermore, you must always wear clean clothes.

Always consider your hair, nails and shoes must look good too. You can always carry the most important means with yourself. Hair spray and a file on hand won't take much space. You should look clean and hygienic as always.

Do makeup in a right way. All you need is mascara, lipstick and a bit of blush. If you are applying evening makeup you may also use an eye shadow, just don't make too much of it and match it carefully with your clothing and accessory.

Speech is very important. There is no point in looking elegant if the mirage disappears as soon as you start talking. Don't use slang, speak in an impressive way. Feel free to practice English to avoid any slang.

Control your temper. It won't just create an image of elegant woman, but will also help you in your relationship with other people.

Be graceful. You have to walk straight with your head up high; you have to sit straight with your head up high and legs crossed. Practice walking with high heeled shoes in small steps and even if you are wearing low heeled ones - walk in small steps. Choose foot wear carefully, because foot wear is also an important part of your style, so rules are the same as with clothing.

Learn your manners. You have to know how to behave while talking with newly met people, how to eat in a fancy restaurant and things like that. Although you may think you already know everything you need to know, there are many book written on manners and it is highly recommended to read at least a few of them. You'll surely find something new and useful.

Effort and patience is all you need to be elegant , if you'll know how to control yourself and use all the advices above, you'll surely become an elegant one. Just remember that it is not about appearance, it is all about you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Watches and Styles

If we heard the word "watch," we usually think of simple and old fashioned ones. But the modern watch which the old-fashioned timepiece has developed from a useful device to an accessory in fashion clothes world. People buy watches not only for their use, but also for their looks.

Watch is very helpful to personalize your style. No fancy suit or dress can be complete without a trendy watch. If you're seeking attention, a funky timepiece will be more than enough to achieve your goal. Nothing will look better on your wrist than a colorful strap with a watch face. When you want to make an impact of an interesting or mysterious person choose an original, interesting and at the same time a rather usual timepiece, which will serve as jewelry that will add some mystery and charm to you and spice up your personality. For business-casual style wear, a modern and minimalistic timepiece will be an accessory that will fulfill your style completely.

Watches are designed accordingly to the latest fashion of shoes, clothes, bags and even cars, but, it has own fashion and styles too. However, you can always choose the ones that will never fail you: little, one-colored, with same-colored leather or metallic strap. Don't forget that unusual shape in this case is very important if you still want your watch to be not just a useful device, but an accessory too. If you choose a big, bright, shiny watch, have in mind that sooner or later you will have to put it in the box, but still you will be able to wear it as a nice accessory on some special occasions.

This charming accessory may also tell a lot about a wearer's personality. People who wear colorful, unusually shaped watches are outgoing, charismatic, charming and interesting. Big, shiny and bright colored timepiece denotes that he/she is a sociable person, who is definitely interested in fashion. A simple, usual watch serves to hide the intentions and personality. This type of watch is usually chosen by intelligent people who pay attention to details. Lonely, maybe not very communicative person usually choose little, one colored, simply shaped watches, and usefulness is more important than looks for them.

Just like any other jewelry, watch have their price. Just like you're paying for famous designer clothes you will have to pay for a quality watch. But it's definitely worth the price. If you consider purchasing a famous designer's timepiece, be sure it'll never go off and you won't have to hide it. You may purchase watch with diamonds or other gems, they might be made of gold, platinum or anything that would make your wrist and all your style perfect and complete. Although everybody would definitely notice your Rolex, don't worry if you can't afford it. Watch industry is filled with various designers and of course prices. Buying the most expensive one still doesn't mean it'll be the one that will make your style fulfilled.

No person can call himself fashionable if there is no watch on his wrist. This little accessory never was and never will be out of fashion. It's a perfect accessory if you want something not just decorative, but also functional.

Big and Tall Men

Everybody wants to be tall and big but lately a new problem has affected this desire to minimize it. Size issue nowadays is getting real issue for big and tall men. There is always a problem for big and tall mens in their life. They find it hard to find the best things for themselves. Most of things which they find are usually not very stylish too. The tall men have to be very attentive in choosing their clothing. They can look very odd without proper and nice clothing. You will find very little variety in the market if you are a tall man. You have to go on special stores and designer clothes shops to find the best clothing.

The purpose of the height is that you can wear any style of pants and jeans. There is choice for tall men to wear cuffs or no cuffs. Long rise pants are great for tall and long men. With this good selection of clothes, tall and big men can be eye-catching. They will look very elegant with these fashion clothes. Today most of the tall men especially the tall basketball players can find variety of clothes on special stores. You will find very little variety of long clothes on the normal retail stores.

Tall men are very few as compared to the normal men, so it is a hard thing to find best things especially clothes for these men. And if you find some, it will be not that stylish. Now knowing the disadvantage of the tall men, many designer clothing stores have been opened by some people where all the tall and big men can look for anything they want. If all the big and tall mens don’t take care about their clothing, they will look very odd. They have to get good clothing in order to look attractive and fashionable. Some of the extra large clothing also looks very odd.

There are plenty of fashion clothes online shops where tall and big men can purchase variety of things. They can find best tall and big clothing on internet. It has become quite a useful way to find best quality long and big mens variety. You can find some plus size pants and shirts on their cart. All these clothing are fashionable as well. If you want the real quality stuff for tall and big mens clothing, then you can become permanent member of these sites. You can find the free samples on these sites. Almost all kind of long clothing is available on these websites.

You just need to have good research to find the best clothing for the tall and big men. If you are really concerned about style, you will have to go an extra mile in picking-up clothes of your size and personality. You can get good long jeans clothes from your tailor as well. But if you don’t have any time then you can go some of the retail centers specific for the long and big mens clothing and find some quality stuff.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swimwear Trends for 2009.

Getting ready for the hot weather? Let us take a look at what we can expect in Swimwear trends for 2009.

Colour and prints. Fuchsia is dominant in this season as well as jewel tones ike emerald, purple and sapphire blue. Geometrics, African prints and a touch of metallic bling are all making an appearance on the international catwalks. Of course we can not forget that nothing epitomises poolside glamour like a classic black swimsuit.

The return of classic one-piece. Difference and uniqueness on this style including cut-outs, monokinis and stylish maillots will be gracing poolside and shorelines in a modern chic fashion. Also taking a front seat will be lower leg lines embracing a retro look in an updated way.

Swimwear has previously been dominated by the surf giants of the fashion world and although surf brands will always have their place, proves that swimwear fashion is being taken more seriously. Now you can look on any designer clothes online shops for your own pair of swimwear.

Now that you are well informed about swimwear trends for the 2009 season, now all you have to do is head down to your local gym and perfect that bikini body.

2009 Men's Fashion Trend

The main objective in fashion is “ To Look Unique”. Fashion become the real passion and no person of any age can avoid the alluring seduction of fashion; everybody wants to look adorable and eye-catching. Men too are equally affected by this trait as they respond to the style that emerging trends makes in the air of trend. Men's fashion for the year 2009 is taking new identity. Many new trends are coming and some of the old trends are reviving.

Designers around the world found their inspiration from the old 70’s fashion styles and we will observed a lot of revival in this year 2009, as the stage is set for this particular performance of traditional touch in modern fashion clothes. Corduroy is coming back again in mens fashion. We may witness luxurious use of Corduroy in coats and blazers in this year. The best thing about Corduroy is the production of items from this material.

Creating the gradient: The coming trends for this year will emphasize on gradient tones in their color schemes. Some of the designers clothing will use some gradient tones in their designs that will give shady look and dominate from other solid, and one toned dresses. It will create a lot of styles in dressing and new colors and gradient tones will be invented.

Chest in Show: Experts in mens fashion clothing have stated a new style that will dominate in the first quarter of year 2009. This will be more open chests of the dresses to show broader view is the breast. These designs will be focusing on more aggressive and masculine presentation of dresses and it will be famous among youngsters who do weight training.

Micro Patterns: Coming back of micro-pattern trend has also been expected in this year. This fashion is the combination of different micro patterns and it will be seen in formal dresses, especially in coat. Mens trouser will also be designed with micro pattern and as a whole a new trend will be seen in next one quarter. This is also a revival of 70’s fashion when micro pattern was largely used in mens fashion.

The wide stripes: Wide striped dresses are becoming trend wear in the fashion shows in this year style. It will be followed by the whole fashion community and apart from dress designers, all other categories of designer will follow this trend and we will come across a storm of wide striped products all round. These wide striped fashion products and clothes will be available in both horizontal and vertical stripes to suit the needs of tall and small; height people.

Just always remember always choose the trend that suits your style and can add spice to your personality.

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