Monday, May 4, 2009

Enhance your Feminine side with Corset Dress

Corsets relate to beauty, comfort and style. It gives emphasis to the personality and uniqueness of its holder, and it is much more than just a feminine undergarment to be paired with any designer clothes. It has the features to complement the generation of fashion conscious ladies. Its design enhances the essence of feminine formation and hence it has come of age and becomes an iconic dress material that gives a new definition to the indefinite sexual codes as well as sensuality of a women. A corset top is complementary to almost any figure that is why many designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren create alluring designs for this cute designer clothing.

polo ralph lauren
Laced Up Corset: Fitness of the dress is very essential. Unless you have immaculate measuring abilities of your own figure, try to avoid ordering corsets by mail. Try to get a corset that is smaller then your usual waist size by two to four inches. Go for a cut that smoothly embraces the bust line and falls just over the hip. You can also go for the mini corsets, which are cute but a bit unique.

Classy Varieties: Corsets are mainly designed to wear in evening parties and formal events. Thus, it is important that it looks eternal and flattering. You can spice up your look with a tailored blazer or long-sleeve corset top. Remember to work on your skin tones and hair colors to have that perfect outcome.

Vintage Corsets: These corsets are perfect for holiday parties and often collected by many fashion freaks. Some designers also offer a seamed corset shape with a built-in bra, which makes excellent fitting and shaping.

Be fashionable while wearing a corset top and at the same time be graceful and classy.


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