Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cutaway Trend: A Sexy Look in your Designer Clothing

When it comes to 2009 fashion trends the sheer clothing trend may be the ultimate proof that throughout the year less will be more. But it's not the year's only trend doing just that. Including cut-outs to your designer clothes is one way to have a knock-out sexy look without exposing too much skin. This trend has been seen recently on a whole bunch of celebrities including Leighton Meester, Selma Blair and Alexis Bledel.

polo ralph lauren

Cutaway fashion trend where intricate missing elements of fabric work to show off glimpses of the female figure in a sexual and sensual fashion typical of women's fashion. This trend is now designed by many designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. Cut-outs have been coming up more and more recently and I've picked out a few of the most common looks so you can create this style for yourself:

Wear a cut-out it in the middle of a dress: This look exposes a little bit of your midriff, but still looks covered enough to be elegant.

Go for the cut-out shoulders: It is a pretty simple look to pull off and just adds a little something extra to a top or a dress.

Choose top or dress with a cut-out pattern around the neckline: It is really beautiful way to add some detail to an outfit and it really brings the focus upwards to the neck and face.

As a perfect look it should come as no surprise that the cutaway fashion trend has been transcribed into the year's fashion statement.


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