Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cage Footwear: New Rage in Footwear for your Designer Clothing

Caged footwear hit the designer clothes in today's fashion style. It is derived from the gladiator style, caged shoes are now designed by popular designer such as Yves Saint Laurent and Polo Ralph Lauren . It's time to set your gladiators aside and welcome a new member into the family. Unlike the chunky style of other footwear, caged sandals are all about sexy.

polo ralph lauren

Caged look could definitely work with some skinny jeans, but the argument from most is that they are unflattering. The cage sandal is strong, architectural, futuristic, different style of footwear. The style is sexy, interesting, and adds interest and character to an outfit. The cage shoe style also works well with many types of outfits: casual, evening, and dressy casual. Wear with jeans and a sexy top, short evening dress to show off the leg, or a flowing summerdress.

So what is your opinion about cage sandals? Would you wear it or forget about it?


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