Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tips in Wearing Black

Many people said that wearing black makes you look slimmer. That is why many fashionistas like their designer clothes to be black. Learn how to mix and match your black garments is the key for a successful new look. Black is popular that is why Polo Ralph Lauren and other designer always use this shade to showcase their works.

lauren ralph

Woolens in black are much better than cotton. Because the cotton fabric does not take to the black dye very well and so it soon fades. When it comes to trying to match up an all black garment it can be a challenge if you do not have a wide range of fabrics to choose from. Be aware of the subtle shade difference to get that chic look.

The other way to mix up your blacks is to look at the fabric and texture of the material. It’s a great way of getting the right effect. When it comes to looking after your black garments, it is best to have them dry-cleaned. If that is not possible then for your first laundering of the garment use a cup of vinegar. Vinegar helps bind the color to the cloth and so will reduce the over all fading process.


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