Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trendy Tips for Plaids

Plaids are back and they're even hotter on men. So guys should include this into their collection of designer clothes. Polo Ralph Lauren and other designer have different variation and designs to suit your taste. But you must know how to wear plaids successfully in different ways. Read these six ways to help you in wearing plaids.

The Grungy Plaid Look

To have a grungier look get a graphic t-shirt and wear it underneath your plaid shirt. Layer it with a zip-up or hoodie and paired with fitted jeans.

The Rocker Plaid Look

Don't limit yourself with just a black tone on tone plaid. Rockers can be flamboyant and their style stands out. So choose bold colors and add some accessories to top off this look.

The Preppy Plaid Look

There are many different styles that can be considered preppy. Mostly it means that the look is well coordinated, neat and clean.

The Urban Plaid Look

It's clean, casual, yet preppy. You should go for slightly baggier jeans, a white undershirt and an unbuttoned plaid shirt to top it off. It's all about the accessories and the bling for this style. Get a flashy necklace, belt and some cool kicks to finish off the look.

The Euro Plaid Look

From the trench coat to the sweater vest, with the plaid underneath. It's kind of nerdy, but you can involve some layering here.

The Outdoorsy Plaid Look

Add some hoodie over the plaid to dress up your look. The jacket gives a more casual feel, This style is a good balance of texture, pattern and style.

So there you have it. you can now go shopping for different ways to make use of your plaids. Consider first if you are comfortable in this type of trend before pulling it in.


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