Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get Trendy with Leather

One of the most important natural materials known to man is the leather, even in this age of innovation and technology, leather’s universal appeal, durability and versatility is unsurpassed. Most of the designer clothing and accessories are made from leather. There is no other material out there, natural or synthetic, that can compete with the strength of leather that is at the same time soft and supple to the touch, making it the ideal material for a range of purposes. Most of the fashion designer like Polo Ralph Lauren create their masterpieces with the use of the leather.

ralph lauren saleAlthough modern man has made huge strides in most other aspects of life and civilization, leather remains one of the most coveted and sought-after materials, especially leather harvested from more exotic animals. Unlike a couple of decades ago when cow-hide was chiefly used for the manufacture of leather jackets, boots and leather belts, there has been a trend towards suede and leather furniture. Leather is robust and has the propensity to last for prolonged periods of time without losing its shape, texture or form.

Properly tanned leather is not only easy to keep clean, it also has the natural ability to resist water although it is advisable to oil leather shoes and any other items that are exposed to wet weather with natural oils or Dubbins. The durability of leather was recognised very early on and the Romans even used it to protect their centurions in battle. Both their shields and the heavy, protective jerkins were made out of leather, as were their sandals. Early man even used hide or leather as their first note pads and today precious books are bound in leather so that they are protected for generations to come.

Today, it is the hides of exotic animals like snakes, sting rays, emus and crocodiles that are becoming more and more popular. The wonderful textures, patterns and colours of ostrich leather, crocodile leather and snakeskin leather make them the ideal material for a range of accessories and clothing.

Products made out of exotic leather are becoming more and more affordable to the man or woman. And leather remains the preferred choice for its warmth, look, durability and versatility.


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