Thursday, February 5, 2009

Six Complicated Trends

Most of us love Spring dressing, but there is a fair amount of tricky trends around this season. Designers Like Polo Ralph Lauren creates designer clothing for this season. This article will guide us in getting these tricky trends totally right this season, and feel and look stylish!

Harem Pants

Fashion Week designers showed them in everything from super-sheer chiffon to knit: harem pants were a big trend. But can your figure handle the fullness? Harem pants are not easy to wear because they put volume right where most women do not need any extra fluff.


That complex color between green and yellow is called chartreuse and it has to be one of the most difficult colors to wear for most women. Although designers like Lela Rose partnered red with chartreuse it does mix well with navy and purple.


The runways at Fashion Week were full of jumpsuits, but the trickier trend here was a distinct overall. Although Proenza Schouler gave their overalls a futurist bent, other designers sent overalls down the runway in traditional denim.


Sheer fabric is certainly nothing new, but this spring delicate looks gave way to downright see-through fabrics. Although some of the sheerness can be layered away, other see-through spots were in the legs of pants and skirts.

Dirndl Skirt

In general, skirts got longer this season, which is a good thing. But skirts that are long and full in all the wrong spots -- like at Lacoste -- are not such a good thing. The dirndl skirt features a gathered waistband which adds loads of bulk to a body area most women don't need any more heft.

Bike Shorts

Covered by a tunic, like at Michael Kors, the bike short seems almost harmless. But there is a good reason this trend fades away: The bike short looks bad on most women because it fits tightly around the thighs were most of us have some shaky part.

Overalls, chartreuse and harem pants may seem like a good idea, but would you wear these new trends from Spring 2009 Fashion Week?


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