Friday, February 6, 2009

Rules in Layering

Have you noticed a common trend in designer clothing? Most everyone is in this trend called layering. It is a great way to combine your favorite pieces and wear something comfortable and flexible, while showing off your sense of style. It's also very practical, but before you jump on the layering trend, there are some basic guidelines you must consider. You can start with the following seven rules to layering properly.

Rule1: Thinner clothes first

Make sure to start with items that are made from thinner fabrics such as a cotton T-shirt, dress shirt or turtleneck, and then layer them with heavier items such as a wool sweater, a corduroy blazer, or a leather jacket.

Rule 2: Define the layer

A layer is essentially any item that can be worn on its own and look great. In other words, wearing a tacky wife beater underneath a stylish dress shirt does not qualify as cool layering.

Rule 3: Keep it casual

Layering is best used for casual occasions and is generally not appropriate in more formal settings. Keep in mind, however, that a layered combo can include one or more classy pieces, such as a tailored blazer and a fine dress shirt.

Rule 4: Always feel comfortable

Don't wear anything that feels uncomfortable. With that in mind, if you can't move normally then your layering combination is most likely too thick and therefore, far from trendy.

Rule 5: Mix in some color

Be fearless and don't hesitate to spice up your look with a little color. Remember that combine it properly.

Rule 6: Layering is practical

Prefer wearing two or three thinner layers of clothing rather than one thick one.

Rule 7: Jacket not required

Last but not least, remember that layering must not necessarily include jacket.

Now that you're informed with the rules layering, it is all up to you to put them into practice.


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