Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Housewives Fashion Tips

One of the wrong belief among women is that being fashionable and stylish is a thing that only to be enjoyed by celebrities and career women. Because they think being fashionable demands you to wear expensive designer clothing and spend a lot of time at the spa to look good. And even Polo Ralph Lauren and any other famous designers can not make you fashionable when you don't know how to dress properly.

This article is for all those who think this because you need to know that being stylish has nothing to do in any of the above said things. Here’s how you can maintain an excellent wardrobe without spending much and look your stylish best even if you are a house wife!

First of all forget this belief form your head. Keep in mind that style comes with the attitude you carry yourself with and not with clothes alone. Wearing expensive clothes can never make you look smart unless you know how to handle your personality.

So if you are want to look as smart but stay at home, you can still make an effort to dress everyday as if you are going out. This will change your whole approach to even the most daily tasks you do at home. Nothing fills a woman with more confidence than looking good and feeling beautiful. This is a great step towards feeling that way.

Now in order to develop a right wardrobe, throw those items which are outdated or do not suit you at all. First take a look of how many classic dresses do you currently have in your closet. From now on make a point to buy and include only those friends in your closet that make you feel look and confident. Do this by adding piece by piece to it.

Start with adding outfits which will prove be to versatile and timeless for any occasion and place. This is not to say that you should not have trendy clothes at all. Your wardrobe should be a good combination of well-cut classic pieces and fashionable outfits that are right on the trend, replaced by new designs every season.

Beauty and styles starts from yourself. Be comfortable and confident so you will feel special, respect yourself more and people around you will respect you too.


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