Friday, February 20, 2009

Hats and Face Shapes

People would wear hats to actually keep their heads warm and protected from environmental elements. Once we developed into civilized human beings, hats started becoming a fashion statement and even a symbol of status. Now, for the most part, it's another accessory to add into your designer clothing line. Polo Ralph Lauren and other famous designer have different styles that can compliment your features. Keep in mind that when choosing the right hat or cap for you, it's important to consider the shape of your face.

Hats For A Round Shaped Face

Go for something asymmetrical with a high crown. Try slanting your hats forward and going for neat, clean styles to give your face more angles. That way you can now hide the roundness of your face.

Hats For An Oval Shaped Face

This shape of the face is good in almost any hat. Just make sure to pull the hat correctly over your forehead and tilt it on different sides.

Hats For A Square Shaped Face

Choose hats that have curvy lines and are soft and feminine to lessen all of the angles. You also look better with large brim and upturned brim hats.

Hats For A Long Shaped Face

Choose hats with sharp, clean styles. Wear it straight and forward to cut the length of your face. Also, go for wide brims with low crowns -- hats that cover your forehead to look sleek, stylish and mysterious.

Hats and caps are a great way for your outfit, whatever your face shape is. Just learn how you coordinate your outfit with a hat. It's the perfect accessory, especially if you're having a bad hair one will ever know!


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