Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trendy Scarf

There seems to be a trend for women scarves in almost all parts of the world. The scarves not only to keep you warm, but also add to your feminine looks and charm. They can make your plain and simple attire look all the more aesthetic and fashionable. The most popular among all the categories of women scarves are cashmere, silk and cotton scarves, which are preferred for their soft feel and rich lustrous look. Scarves can add spice to our designer clothing. So that different styles and designs are developed by our famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

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But many of us don’t use scarves to their full fashion potential, often forgetting the many different tying styles and ways of using cashmere scarves and throws for adding style and elegance to your look.

The makeup of the luxurious material means it can be mixed with different fabrics and colours with stunning effects. Following some simple do’s and don’ts will ensure you can capitalize on the elegance, comfort and added cosiness a cashmere scarf can bring.

Do make sure you keep up with the current trends and follow the fashion magazines to see exactly how the fashionist everywhere are wearing their chosen accessories.

Do look to include your signature piece in unique ways with each outfit. Wear it long for added elegance; double it up for added warmth. Planning a trip this Christmas; the cashmere scarf or cashmere throw is the perfect addition to your travel needs; it offers warmth whilst on the plane and style when stepping off.

Don’t choose a cashmere scarf that overpowers your outfit. Remember, it is called an accessory and it should work with your wardrobe, not completely overshadow your clothing.

Now you know some of the Do's and Don'ts of wearing a scarf. Just be comfortable when you are wearing one and that is important.


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