Monday, February 9, 2009

Tips to Fit a Dress Shirt

Unfitted clothes destroys the beauty of a good dress shirt and any designer clothing. Men should learn these few tips to get the appropriate mens dress fit to avoid fitting blunders.

An ideal fit for dress shirt should display a smart and trendy appearance for the man. For a formal event, mens dress shirt should provide a ceremonial effect that suits the occasion. If you intend to create dressy attire, fitting in different parts of the suits should still be suited to give you that dressy feel.

Collar Fit

Most men buy dress shirts with too wide collars. Collars ought to be snug around the neck. Snug means that it should not squeeze or give you a choking feeling especially when you bend your head down to touch your chin to your chest. There should be just enough room for your head to move around the neck.

Other way to find out the tightness of a collar is by slipping two fingers between the buttoned collar and the neck. The two fingers should fit comfortably, and this additional space gives room for possible shrinkage after a few washing of the dress shirt.

Sleeves and Cuffs Fit

There are two lengths of dress shirts in every collar size to accommodate a wider range of arm length in men. Men wearing dress shirts with improper sleeve lengths can actually make a man look funny.

So to achieve a good fit for your sleeve, it is important to check the sleeve length. Proper measurement should run the tape from the center of the back of your collar to the top of your shoulders then down to the arms and the wrist bone.

The proper way of fitting mens dress shirt is to keep your arms on your side and make sure that the cuff ends are slightly further down the wrist bone without gathering to much fabric at the cuffs. Armholes should float over your armpit rather than a tight snug.

Cuff circumference should not allow your hands to slip in without unfastening the cuff buttons. This applies both for barrel and French cuffs. Bespoke dress shirts should have room for a wristwatch and should not fit too tight or snug.

Torso Fit

Most importantly, a good fit in mens dress shirt should be full but will not cause the front panels to gape open when you sit down. This only shows that the fit around the torso is too small.

The seam that connects the yoke and sleeve should rest just where your shoulders end. If it drapes over it, then the shirt is over sized for you.

And lastly, the tail length should fall just around your crotch are. It should never pull out of the trousers whenever you raise your arms or when you sit down. Proper tug-in is important to prevent looking sloppy and untidy.


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