Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Style Like a Celebrity

Keen sense of style is the main asset of all celebrities. That is why you can see them endorsing different designer clothes made by prominent fashion icon like Polo Ralph Lauren. Celebrities has a cool get-up that you would probably want to pull off. This article will give you some basic tips to dress like a star.

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Stars look fabulous because they have their personal stylists to make sure they look amazing all the time. That is done by choosing the right clothes and accessories that flatters the wearer herself. Outfits are put together specifically based on what looks good on the wearer, not on someone else.

The trick is to know what suits you best. First, get to know yourself. Find out which colors make you look radiant. Which make you look all washed out. Wear only the ones that make you look radiant and avoid the ones that make you look sickly, like plague.

Next, get to know your figure type. Are you angular or curvy? Are you top heavy, bottom heavy or a balanced hourglass? Take note of which clothing shapes flatter you and wear only the ones that make you look your very best.

Base your personal style on your coloring and shape and get only the clothing that fit both criteria. That way, you spend less money because you will buy fewer items and will wear the ones that you buy more frequently, to a more fabulous effect.

Instead of wasting money on clothes that make you look terrible, that you might wear only once, and take it off after seeing how you look in the mirror, you now have more money to spend on the few key pieces that make you look terrific.

And there you have it, the ultimate celebrity style. If you’ve got the confidence, you can easily pull it off


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