Friday, February 20, 2009

Florals in Fashion

Floral prints are a must have in your designer clothes and trendy accessories especially this coming season. It is now time for bold statements suiting your personality. The modern age woman has the cutting edge in her to make her stand out in the crowd. It is time for her to make herself known and vibrant and wearing the new designs and the variety of shades the designers like Polo Ralph Lauren have on their palette, it’s a remarkable trend to go by. The retro look with the halters and off shoulders with bright floral shades using black and red are quite a rage now and to much in vogue now.

designer clothes
This spring is about to bring the feminine side of you, making you feel upbeat about yourself. Personalities can come about by wearing the right colours and the right cuts and shades that will bring about a glow on your face. Some of the dresses, skirts and tops are discussed here.

A pink cotton skirt without too much of a flare and with the free spirit floral print teemed with a stitched belt of brown hard leather lace will look brilliant if you have the legs to flaunt.

Now when going for tops to be worn, you should pick the one by taking into account the colour depending on the complexion of the skin. A sleeveless slightly draped and hanging around the neck with green and yellow floral prints with net draped around it will look beautiful.

A dress slightly above the knee with strawberry prints and naval blue prints will look perfect for an evening with friends.

A satin tight fit dress in pink satin teemed with red outer designs will also look good for a formal date.

Floral prints are in this season and will look perfect if you desire to wear them and outshine your look in them.


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