Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pantyhose Tips

One of the must-have item of every women’s clothing is pantyhose. Seeing the variety of tints, patterns, forms and types, but do you know how to choose it?

Shop assistant might not help you and you will make your choice probably relying on your intuition or a label. However, no one can guarantee that you are right or the label is original.

Here are some tips that you should take into consideration when purchasing hosiery:

Hosiery types or Pantyhose

Sheer pantyhose. Very thin types of fibers are used to produce this type of tights – 10, 13, 15, 20 DEN. These pantyhose are for special occasions.

Control top, Body-shaping, Push-up pantyhose. This type of hosiery helps to conceal your physical flaws and can be worn with close-fitting clothes. Body shaping tights provide comfortably smooth and slim tummy, thighs and rear.

Support tights. This type is popular with women who walk or stand a lot, it helps to relieve tired, aching legs. This hose are usually sheer or translucent, 30-40 DEN.

Modeling pantyhose with Lift up Action. They are a good choice for close-fitting dresses and short skirts.

They conceal any flaws and make your figure appear slim, with perfect round buttocks, flat tummy, smooth lines on your thighs.

Control top can be provided with brief panties or tightening shorts with lifting bands.

Massage tights. This type of hosiery stimulates blood circulation and thus let you feel energized and revitalized all day long. But remember that massage pantyhose have a preventive effect rather than medicinal.

Therapeutic Support pantyhose have a cross marking on the package and a detailed instruction is enclosed. You can purchase them only on doctor’s advice. Generally they improve circulation, reduce fluid retention and sooth away leg pain.

Weight loss pantyhose are becoming more and more popular with ladies thanks to its cellulite reducing effect. They smell good due to inclusion of caffeine, camphor, apricot and almonds oils elements. They look natural, but work effectively on skin.

A woman who wears them for 28 days will make her thighs 0.5 inch thinner. These tights make legs feel smoother and firmer very quickly.

It is all up to you what kind of pantyhose suits your preference, just make sure that you are comfortable wearing one.


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