Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mix and Match your Style

Having some basic stuff in your wardrobe and designer clothes collection is the key for being the most ‘updated’ and ‘stylish’ in every season. Eventhough designers like Polo Ralph Lauren has new and different creation every season. This style techniques will help women of all ages, shapes and sizes to make their current wardrobes work for every season. The best means is to accessorize with some basic pieces you probably have in your wardrobe. Use these little tips and make your own style statements.

Play with colors: Don't prefer all shades of one color rather, switch it up and have lots of different colors. Try collecting different colors and mix them with the other one and see you will have another complete attire in your wardrobe.

Shoes collection: Instead of basic black, go for sleek red peep-toe pumps or sexy black boots. Match the shoes with the belt for a stronger impact. Always have cute shoes because it makes your outfits cuter. If you have old dirty sneakers it makes you look ugly. Have all different kinds of shoes and make sure to keep them clean. Neutral colors will go with any other color. Black, white, brown, beige, and gray in the right shades will look excellent with all the colors of the rainbow.

Accessories: Add some spice to a typical plain outfit with a vibrant colored purse, or add some style to your simple attire with a fun scarf or brilliant vintage brooch. Add a funky belt to your outfit; simply alternate the accessories you wear. Wear sparkling earrings one time and go for a dazzling long necklace the next. Use this simple mix and match tips and explore a new you.

Jewelry: There are several ways that will help you look better, attractive and innovative. You can also try out wearing several different colors of jewels. Try mixing and matching with simple metal jewelry and pearl, diamond or semi precious jewelry. You have ample chance of making the same old jewelry look new and attractive. Semi precious stones like garnet, turquoise and precious stones like emeralds, etc. can be used to bring out exact combination for matching your jewelry with your dress.

These are only few tips which will help you to avoid wearing same clothes for every occasion. Be adventurous and don't be afraid to experiment.


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