Monday, February 2, 2009

Have fun while being "In"

Shopping may be boring to some... you go to the shop, look around, then buy stuff... Where is the fun in that! Here are a few ideas to make your shopping a quality and fun

Find a quality shop. Most shoppers will surely head straight for the designer clothes shop so beat the rush and make a direct route for the best of the high street just like the popular shops of Polo Ralph Lauren. So that you can get so much more for your money.

Don't rush yourself. Think carefully about what you need. An item that you only wear once is not good value! Go for fashion trend that never die.

For trying on, always wear clothing that's easy to slip on and off, boots and a jumper dress are perfect, there's nothing worse than trying to navigate a pair of skinnies!

Balance your accessories. Go for the bags, belts and vintage look scarves, they'll go a long way - true fashion multi taskers!

Search and style! Always keep an open mind, swapping is a great time to try a new look you wouldn't usually pay for and you can be experimental without spending too much.

Look out for anything parachute silk- trousers, jumpsuits and utility style dresses are all key for springs grown up sporty look. Suede fringed accessories are also worth grabbing hold of.

Look out for spring/summer's biggest colours - tangerine and bright blue - you can re-work pieces from this season. And have patience! Finding what you're after takes time, but it'll be worth it!

Classic designer piece will last you a lifetime - avoid very stylish trends and watch out for luxe fabrics like leather, silk and cashmere. Keep you're eye out for good basics that never date.

Now's the time to snap up some bargains for Spring. Look for fashion prints as seen on the Ralph Lauren catwalk, candy colours and all things '80s and you'll be a step ahead.

Have some belt - the best accessory for nipping in cardies, frocks, jumpsuits or tops to totally transform them and also you'll be able to be slightly flexible with sizes.


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