Friday, February 13, 2009

Look Good this Summer

Summer season is really near. Now is the time to start thinking about summer fashion. And what designer clothes would you wear under the heat of the sun.

Outdoor clothing is the main motive and showing some skin is important too to look trendy this summer. With some creative ingenuity, you can transform your summer attire into outdoor chic. Take full advantage of summer's best offerings to look good by following this hot fashion trends tips for this summer.

Mini shorts are always in style

Summer outfits are all about feeling comfortable and what more can you ask for in wearing a pair of shorts. Don't be afraid to wear them if your fat or slim as there are shorts for every type of body. Simply go for a longer, knee length short for a wider body frame. Wear them with leggings, fishnets, pumps, peep toes or jellies! And for those who have the body, the legs and the confidence to carry the look, short-shorts are the best one for you.

The color of summer

Summer colors is all about bright hues. Think soft, cool, slightly grayed colors. Here are some colors that you can use:

1.Baby blue
2.Baby pink
3.Blue gray, gray navy
4.Cocoa brown
5.Dull silver
6. Gray blue
7. Lavender
8. Mauve
9. Military blue
10. Red rose
11. Soft white
12. Soft red, blue red
13. Spruce
14. Sunset red, rose
15. Teal, blue green
16. Watermelon, pale lemon
17. Wine
And of course classic black and white are always here to stay for the summer.

The pattern and prints

Large geometric patterns are in style and nice looking piece of clothing this summer. This makes you look bright and cool which perfectly fit with the season and the hot weather. Also consider to wear some printed shirts like floral prints. You cant go wrong with those pretty embroidered flowers to retro floral prints, there are many ways to work the florals trend.

Add some accessories

Accessories is a very important part of your fashion statement this summer to complete your overall summer look. Try exotic and tribal earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Scarf is very popular too. Consider the right color mentioned above to add style and glam to your outfit. Handbags are also suited during summer specially those with canvas bags with beautiful embroidery which perfectly fits the season. And also don't forget to wear trendy sunglasses.

Now you're prepared to hit the hot sizzling heat of the summer season with your look. Just don't overdo everything. Remember that being comfortable is the main concern in choosing the perfect look this summer.


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