Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trendy Shawl

Shawls are great fashion accessories to be added to your favorite designer clothing. It is a multipurpose accessory. Many designer and one of them is Polo Ralph Lauren create some alluring design for shawls. There many different ways to wear a shawl and each way works towards making you feel beautiful, elegant and gorgeous. It is a “fashion statement”, for many women.

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It can be tied in different ways depending on the occasion. You can tie it like a belt, while at other instances you can also use it as head cover. Shawl is also used to protect from inclement weather and on other times to enhance a beautiful evening dress.

Different Ways to Wear a Shawl:

In winters: Use the Ascot style more frequently in winter. It is simple, looks chic and still keeps warm. The way to tie a shawl like this is to fold it into two, wrap it around your neck and then take the ends pull them through the loop which is formed when you fold the shawl in two halves.

For evening dress: The reverse shawl is perfect when wearing a very formal dress. Take a rich-looking shawl and then drape the open shawl over your shoulders, with the ends down your back. It looks elegant and sophisticated. This way of tying a shawl is ideally suited for women who are tall and slim. You can also knot the two ends behind your back to get an immediate appearance of being chic.

For casual outing: When you wear jeans, you can enhance your hips with a shawl. Take your shawl and keep folding it lengthwise until it is just a couple of inches. Then take it and either loop it through the belt hoops or wear it low on hips. tie the ends on one side and let them fall.

Wear like a poncho: At times you can also go for the poncho style wherein take a triangular shawl; drape it over back with the ends meeting in front. Either fasten the ends with a shawl clip or just knot them loosely. You can also pin up with a decorative shawl pin or brooch.

Stole style: Try wear shawl in “stole style”. It’s a simple method and looks elegant. It can be worn with a casual or formal outfit. The best part is that this style can be easily worn both in winter and summer. Just take the shawl, cover your head and throw each end casually over opposing shoulders.

Take a shawl and try making your own style statement. Stay trendy and be confident. Just keep in mind that you must be comfortable before trying it out.


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