Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Bustline Tips

Having a small bust line often put girls into embarrassment. Of course you must know that fashion is not just about wearing trendy designer clothes, it is also about concealing your body flaws. Even the famous designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, Versace, and etc can not help you if you don't know how to wear it right. In short, all you need to do is know the tricks so you can look trendy.

Self-confidence is an important factor when it comes to style. Always remember that your body is best known only to you so even if you are camouflaging your weak areas, it is totally your call to reveal it to others by carrying an uncomfortable energy around you or be as confident about your being.

One of the best ways of emphasizing the chest is to start wearing an underwire bra with a molded cup. There are hundreds of varieties of underwires available in the market so try them all and pick the ones which give you the best fit and along with the right shape. An advantage that women with small bust have is that they can easily wear these bras without being too uncomfortable or in pain which women with heavy bust often complain about. Second option can be to try a water bra.

Another great advantage that you have is the opportunity to wear deep neck tops. Because you don’t have to worry about your cleavage popping up so you can get tops with deep v-cuts. This will give you a clean yet hot, over the top look which women with large breasts somehow fail to enjoy.

A good way of covering this thing is to cover your neck with long necklines in multiple, streaming cascades. This is a perfect way of dressing as it brings the attention to your breasts and makes busts of any size look really stylish.

To have the illusion of a broader frame you must wear boat necks. This gives an impression that you have a large bust line. So adding some tops with these necklines is a good option.

Having a small bust line is not an embarrassment anymore. Just know how to dress right and you will be an attractive girl like you wanted to be.


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