Friday, February 6, 2009

Fashion and Masculinity

Fashion is about showing off your best physical features. The trick is to retain as much of your masculinity as possible. You’ll have to take your time and determine the right look for your lifestyle and your personality, while maintaining as much of yourself as you can along the way. That said, here are our tips for how to balance fashion and masculinity.

Find your own style

You’ll need to determine which style is best for you. Consider your age, profession and outlook. Taking your personal style up one level, regardless of trends, will gain you more respect and attention from those worth courting. And once you’ve found your personal style, stay with it and build a wardrobe around this theme.

Shop with a female companion

Shopping with a woman who knows you and has a sense of how other women perceive you is one of the most advisable experiences you’ll ever have in a men’s designer clothing. A female shopping partner will tell you all of the current trends and help you find fabrics, patterns and colors that other women like. Also, she will insist on items that emphasize the very masculine features you have. Best of all, when women notice your clothes and admire them on you, other men take note of the attention you get, which heightens your own sense of masculinity.

Keep your fashion interest to yourself

The exploration and discovery of your own style should not be done by yourself. Based on your preferences and lifestyle. Telling another man that you like his wardrobe is acceptable almost anywhere, but asking for the brand name or store should really be done with only the closest of friends.

The need to express ourselves through relaxed, casual clothing grew the notion that dressing well meant giving up your masculinity. Dressing down actually emasculates you and prevents you from living a full life.


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