Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top Women Fashion Faux-pas

Of course you would never dream of making an obvious fashion mistakes. To tell you the truth even dedicated fashionistas sometimes run the risk of making style bloopers. This article will help you to avoid and fix your fashion mistakes.

Depending too much on fashion media

You will have the high risk of being a fashion victim if you depend your wardrobe too much on the media. Keep in mind that most magazines and TV programs about fashion produce an "aspirational" effect. They present you with fabulous clothes you'll want to buy on fabulous models you'll want to look like. You should develop better ways to your style.

Buying clothes that don't suits you

Never buy something too small nor too big. The best way to get perfect fit is to have a tailor alter the garment. You should know how your clothes should really fit.

Having an unrelated wardrobe

Buying items on sale may seem to make sense. After all, the easy availability of off-price merchandise has stop us into thinking that minor purchases won't blow our wardrobe concept nor our budget. In fact it's the little things that ruin your wardrobe. Designer clothes shop offers many selection of items such as the Polo Ralph Lauren. Here, you can create a wardrobe with connection to each other.

Getting stuck in a style groove

Sticking with classics has been conventional style wisdom for ages, and for women with full lives and limited resources this is still a sure way to investment dressing. The problem is that as we grow older, we sometimes become a little too comfortable wearing our old standbys. All it takes is to adjust the basics that you already own to look fabulous and know how to keep your look up-to-date.

Picking the wrong undies

Just think what the right bra or support-top pantyhose could do for us mere mortals. Look for the comfortable not the one that will hurt you. Getting it right underneath is the best way.

It is certainly impossible to be perfect all the time. So, just keep in mind these simple tips standing in front of your wardrobe and have a difference in your look.


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