Monday, February 16, 2009

Body Shape and Jeans

All of us own a pair of jeans to add in our favorite designer clothing. Polo Ralph Lauren and other designers in fashion industry create alluring designs in jeans. But do you know that you should wear jeans according to your body shape and figure? If not here's an article that can help you choose jeans for your body shape.

Apple-Shaped body

Apple-shaped bodies are typically top heavy; include slender hips and thighs, and then skinny legs. These body types should prefer standard or high rise jeans in order to keep away from a top which appears that of a muffin. Pockets are considered as the best-friend of this kind when it comes to denims; since they offer the perfect mask for any belly issues they may have in the face and add meaning to the booty in the back. If you have apple-shaped body then choose boot and straight cuts, regular and high rise, the wash should be dark, grey or kept black. And your pockets front and back, with 5 pockets.

Pear-Shaped body

The pear-shaped woman happens to carry her mass in the lower portion of her body. These women happen to have small to medium breast and a waist which is well-defined while parts such as the hips, thighs, calves and bottom are relatively larger. Cut, boot cut, straight and cigarette are perfect for this type of body shape. The rise could be low. And the wash to be dark and clean wash.

Boyish Figures

Since you need to create a curvier look, boyish figures should avoid wearing styles which are baggier and the ones that hide the form and go for a pointed leg jean that sits on the waist. Luckily for these gals, this type is a ideal match for the “skinny” jean, though if they go without that option, conical denim styles and flared leg jeans create dimensions and arch for women looking for a more attractive appearance. The cuts you choose can be flare, and skinny, with low and super low rise, with the detailing of whiskering and zippers.

Curvy Figures

The curvier female should prefer her denim with a clue of stretch. Stretch in her pair of denims, boot cut denim or flared jeans. Stretch denim places jeans just above the hips. Flared and bootcut styles help put curves in proportion with the rest of the body, the cut should be flare or boot cut, with a low rise, pockets should also be front and back, and yup 5 pockets are good, and wash could be maintained at dark.

Know your body to find the right jeans for you. Just be comfortable on what you wear. Have fun wearing jeans.


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