Friday, April 24, 2009

Wardrobe Must-have for Boyish Figure

Most women can be classified into one of four shapes. Some women have a pear shape where they are smaller from the waist up and larger from the waist down. Other women are apple-shaped where they are just a little heavier on top. Still other women have what is known as an hourglass figure. Their body weight is more evenly distributed and their waist is smaller than both their bust and hips. Other women are straight as an arrow. These women have what is called a boyish figure.

lauren ralph polo

If this is you, fortunately, the supermodels of this age all have boyish figures. And many fashion designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren prefer women with boyish figure to showcase their designs. However, if you aren’t thrilled with the looks on the runaway and have agonized about what clothes would look better on you, try adding these five wardrobe essentials to your designer clothing closet.

Jeans: Avoid jeans that sit high at the waist. Find jeans that have back pockets. Better yet, look for jeans whose back pockets are embellished in order to give form to your butt region. Pair the jeans with a low-slung belt that will give emphasis to your hips.

Skirts: Avoid slim-fitting skirts. Purchase a skirt that has a bias or flare cut with a drop waist. This will give your body a waistline and make your hips look full giving you an hourglass figure. Get a skirt that is either right above, at or below the knee. Pair the skirt with heels, not flats.

V-shaped top: This will give emphasis to the cleavage area.

Fitted jackets: It creates a curve to your body, giving the impression of a small waist and bigger hips. They also work great for all occasions. They can be paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans for a casual event or be used over a nice camisole and your bias-cut skirt and heels for a less casual event.

Another tip is that you avoid dark colors. Black is slimming, so choose tops that have lots of color or that have bold prints. These types of prints will give curve to your body.


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