Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hair Ornaments for Fashion Forward

In today's fashion, not only clothings designed by well known designer like Polo Ralph Lauren are popular for many fashionistas, hair ornamentation is there too. They everywhere from jewelry encrusted headbands to sparkling butterflies to silky flowers. This fashion accessory is perfect for any designer clothing for you to have a breath-taking outfit. Consider these tips to pull off the hair ornament look.

lauren ralph lauren polo

Keep the make-up simple: Let the hair jewel be the star. Nude make-up looks are perfect companions for these dynamic hair accessories.

Keep your outfit simple: Too much color or texture on top and bottom will make you look like a fashion victim.

Pull your hair back: Hair down with a large hair accessory can make you look funny.

Here are some Hair Ornaments for Women:

Barettes: Are beautiful hair ornaments which can style up the short hair. It comes in various designs like flowers, ribbons, toys bears, butterflies, hearts and more.

Mini-combs: hey have lesser strands and smaller designs which go hand-in-hand with a shorter do.

Hairpins: Popular for women with short hair because they are the most accessible and the easiest to put too. Just choose the best designs. Because of their simplicity, they might be overlooked. But there are hair ornament stores which sell hairpins having elaborate designs. Some of them even come in pearl and crystals.

Bobby pins: Like hairpins only they stick longer. They also come in pearl and crystals and their designs include flowers and butterflies and more. Their elaborate style makes it the number one hair accessory during special occasions.

Headbands: Often used by women with short hair. You can style it up by choosing the elegant designs such as those that has rhinestones, crystals and pearls. Some headbands are made of wire, some are made of cloth.

Either way, by wearing these hair accessories, your hair will not only remain in place, it will also be glammed up.


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