Thursday, April 23, 2009

Face Shape and Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a visual aid, variously termed spectacles or glasses, which feature lenses that are coloured, polarized or darkened to prevent strong light from reaching the eyes. But sunglasses are much more than an eyewear, they are stylish and an all around great fashion accessory to be paired with your favorite designer clothing. There are many styles to choose from that are made by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. You mus also consider its shape. Sunglasses should fit your face shape. Here are some tips on how to pick an eyeglass for your face shape.

lauren ralph polo

Oval Shape: Oval faces tend to have high cheekbones and chins which are narrower than their forehead. Select sunglasses that complement your eyebrows shape.

Square Shape: Your strong points are a strong jaw, wide forehead, wide chin and wide cheekbones. So you must lengthen the appearance of your face. Choose sunglasses that are heavy on the top; look for narrow styles and try oval or round frames which contrast your square features.

Triangle Shape: Your facial features mapped out like a narrow top of the face and a strong wide chin and cheeks. Try glasses that minimize the width of your face and draw attention away from the lower half of your face. Stay away from bold colors like red or green sunglasses which can maximize the features you’re hoping to minimize.

Heart Shape: Facial features include a wide forehead and a long, narrow chin. Create balance with your sunglasses by selecting glasses that widen out the rest of the rest of the face. Frames that sit low on the temples are a great choice. Dabble with color to draw attention to the top of your face. Sunglasses in blue for example will create interest in the top half of the face.

Round Shape: Faces that are full without much cheekbone or jaw definition. You should find styles that appear to lengthen and slim your face. Choose styles that have straight lines like square or rectangular frames. Dark sunglass frames such as black and brown add dimension to round faces.

Diamond Shape: You have a small forehead, high cheekbones, narrow eyes and a narrow jaw. Look for glasses that aim to widen your forehead while downplaying your cheekbones and opt for rounded, straight or square frames.

Whatever your face’s shape, play up your best assets with shades that complement your facial features and your style. Experiment with a variety of colors and looks until you find just the right pair of sunglasses


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