Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashion Jewelry for Bold Fashion Statement

Some of the fashion in jewelry and accessories are made of less expensive materials like plastic, synthetic glasses and imitation stones. That is why many can afford these materials and due to its nature they are commonly used by designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren> for creating fancy jewelries and accessories. The use of items balances the tone of outfits and can also be stylish accessories that can be paired with any designer clothes for special event.

lauren ralph lauren polo

Commonly bronze & white metal is used in this category. Leather is also used in the jewelry business which is popular with teenagers. Young boys & girls wear bracelets of leather which gives them a fashionable look among peers. Leather lockets are also very popular with youngsters. Lac is one kind of wax & is also used to make different variety of costume jewelry. Apart from this bones are also used for making fashionable ornaments.

These are also available for hair which includes clips, hair pins, hair sticks & bands. Main object of the costume jewelry that it should be less expensive so the end user will be interested in it, so very inexpensive materials like shell, stones, plastic & non precious metals are used. The stones used in costume jewelry are mainly colorful stones and crystals. Beads used in jewelry are also an inexpensive way which includes ivory beads, wooden beads, crystal beads & bone beads.

Life of fashion jewelry is really a short but it can be durable if you take care of it.


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