Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crumpled Effect Trend

Fashionable designer clothing is not only a factor of comfort and it also indicates status symbol, fad and an expression of one's creativity. In todays fashion industry, there are many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren showcasing their designs with each one having its unique features. Because of competition, various techniques are being applied to the fabrics to give unique and charming finishes, and on of them is the “Crumpled effect fabrics”.

lauren ralph

There are two kinds of Crumpled effects in fabrics. You can see it on velvet or in silk fabrics.

Crumpled Velvet: There are two option in crushing velvet clothes. One is crushed velvet in which the fabric is crushed and twisted when it is still wet. Second one is panne velvet made by applying pressure to the pile in one direction.

Crushed Silk Fabrics: It crushed deliberately to give is a special texture and pattern. A special kind of cocoon is used to create the base silk material which is being used in the manufacture of crushed silk fabrics. This type of fabric is mainly used for making designer clothes.

Apparels made with crumpled effects have an appealing effect and gives a vintage appearance to the wearer. This technique gives an elegant and graceful beauty to wardrobe.


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