Friday, April 3, 2009

Get Groovy with Dance Wear

Dance wear requires the freedom of movement, that’s the reason it requires fitted yet non-restrictive designer clothing. It has to be loose-yet-not-bulky, tight-yet-comfortable, fashionable and not over doing it. It’s all about fit, comfort, a dash of style.

lauren ralph

Much of that comfort comes from stretch, and that stretch comes from a good use of fabrics. Dance wear has to move with you, as well. It has to let you out or it can’t pull you in and hold you back. Much of what works to dance in depends on the actual style and demands of the movement itself, but many regular pants and clothing items are difficult to dance in because do just that; tight jeans are usually difficult to move in because they do restrict movement.

Dance wear has to keep you warm too in some cases, whether it’s because of the weather or a need to warm and loosen up the muscles for work. Using dance wear to layer without restricting movement can be done with. Dance wear shouldn’t ride up, pinch your skin, or fit in an unflattering way. On the contrary, quality dance wear can actually fit in a way that not only accentuates your figure, but also compliments your movement.

Skirts and pants is always related on dancewear and it should have a relaxed yet slightly snug fit through the hip, and unlike many regular clothing items made by some designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren, dance wear pants, skirts, and dresses should stretch and contour, or expand and contract, as you move, extending and contracting your body, working away from and back to your center.

Self-expression begins to happen, and truly getting noticed is about showing off your skills on the dance floor.


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