Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eco-Fashion Statement

In today's designer clothes fashion, many designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren are engaging into the "green" movement. By using eco-friendly fabrics and fashion to showcase their pieces and thus start new greener trends, we are looking at a totally different side of the fashion industry.

lauren ralphEco-friendly fashions use organic raw materials, and stopped using chemicals on their pieces. This fashion statement definitely send a message that the fashion world is aware and are taking steps to pitch in and help the well-being of the earth and the environment, even if it is in a small way. Designers have found a way to keep eco-fashions casual and part of every day wear. Some of these shirts are actually delivering an eco-message atop their already organic cotton fabric. The ideas will only grow and more designers will see that it is something that they want to at least touch on to somehow help the environment and reach their consumer in a different way.

As fashion evolves, I think things will get interesting in term of eco-fashion. It is a trend that has already started, but what will they come up with next?


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