Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have an Elegant Style with Stoles

Stole is one of the most recommended fashion accessory to be paired with your favorite designer clothing. Stoles are long, narrow scarf-like garments that are worn around the neck. These are one of the hottest trends thats is designed by many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren. Stoles can make you go from sassy to classy look or you can say urban to preppy.

polo ralph lauren

It suits all ages and all types of women, and it looks great and it gives an elite look to your personality. Stoles look stunningly great and can faultlessly go with any kind of outfit. It makes you look more stylish and a slight difference to your outfit.

Apart from the fashion statement, these stoles are very useful as in winters, a thick knitted woolen scarf keeps you warm around the neck. In drier and dusty climates. On the other it is actually a religious piece of cloth whose ancestor is the necktie and bowtie and hence scarves are the developed fashion women sport these days.

Stoles are affordable accessories which you can keep in your closet as many as colors of clothes you have. It can add a feminity to your persona specially using colors like peacock blue or bold floral print and these are sure to spice up any look.

Stoles nowadays have a wide range from colors to lengths to fabrics to patterns as per your outfit and your personality.


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